Wavelab 10 LE activation

Hi, I am just music enthusiast using Cubase Elements 11 and while browsing in Steinebrg download center and there is a Wavelab 10 LE offered to download, I downloaded , I installed it and when tried to run, it asks for activation key. Isn’t it a free version of Wavelab? Where or how can I get the activation key?

LE software versions are “free” for those who have purchased a product which includes a license code. In other words, no, WaveLab LE is not free for everyone.

I got the Zoom R8 that I thought came with Cubase LE and Wavelab LE but it only had the code for the Cubase. I also downloaded and installed it before I realized it. So now I’m trying to figure out if it’s missing or if it wasn’t supposed to come with it.

I can’t find any info that mentions the Zoom R8 coming with anything other than Cubase LE. What makes you think it was supposed to include WaveLab LE? Both the Zoom website and Sweetwater don’t say anything about it, for example.