Wavelab 10 - Motu 8D

Can I use Wavelab 10 with Motu 8D? I just upgraded from Wavelab 9.5 to 10. For some reason I thought that would fix the issue but I still can’t record in Wavelab with Motu 8D. Wavelab recognizes 8D in Audio Connections but I can’t get an audio signal. I’m on MacOS Big Sur.

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I think I need to create an Aggregate Device. I will try that.

Did you checked the permissions? Is Wavelab allowed to use the microphone?

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I have successfully used MOTU 8D with WaveLab 10 on Mac Big Sur OS11, in Audio Connections tab i had to Reset the 8D I/O, then it worked just fine via AES ports. Cheers, JT

I couldn’t get Wavelab 10 to work with Motu 8D so I returned the Motu 8D and bought the RME HDSPe AES sound card. Everything is working fine on wavelab 11. I just need help finding the dither option in master section. Also, which Lin Dither settings do you use? I no longer have the izotope dither plug in in wavelab 11.

Yeah, I could not get the MOTU 8D to be stable or make sense when I tried it for my secondary rig so I got another RME AES card. RME is the way to go in my opinion.

Lin Dither should be available everywhere in WaveLab including inside the montage but if you want to use the dedicated Final Limiter/Dither slots, you can it in the attached image.

The iZotope MBit dither is no longer part of WaveLab, something I predicted a few years ago now and part of why I use Goodhertz Good Dither which is a 3rd party plugin.


I somehow changed the workspace layout from default so I was having trouble finding dither option. Do you know if I bought izotope m+ dither plug in will it work with wavelab? I bought ozone 9 standard but I couldn’t find the izotope m+ dither in wavelab.

That’s the thing, to my knowledge, iZotope never offered the dither plugin as a standalone plugin and I’ve only ever seen this plugin inside WaveLab. The dithering itself exists in Ozone but the standalone plugin seems to have been unique to WaveLab and you can’t buy it anywhere.

I was told that the new Lin Dither should inherit any settings that iZotope MBit dither had if you are recalling old sessions but I can’t speak about that from experience since I have been using Good Dither for a few years now.

No. It just replace the old stuff with LinDither 16 bit.
UV22 is however an exact replacement, bit wise.

Ah, good to know.

Do you have the RME PCIe card in a chassis Justin?
If so, which one works for you?
Is it quiet enough to use in your room?



I used to have the RME AES HDSPe PCIe card in a Sonnet Echo Express III-D along with a UAD card and it worked perfectly. The RME takes up two slots if you want to use all the I/O).

I was told I could safely disconnect the fans if using these cards which was true and easy to do. It never got hot or even warm and it made it totally silent.

It worked perfectly for roughly 5 years but now I have the Mac Pro and all the cards can go inside the Mac Pro now.

Thanks Justin.

I’m thinking about what will come next when I finally retire my current 5.1 Mac pro tower.
I might go with a chassis for my Avid HDX PCIe card, or move away altogether from PCIe
It will also depend on if Apple does release a smaller form factor Mac Pro with at least 1 full size slot