Wavelab 10 - Motu 8D

Can I use Wavelab 10 with Motu 8D? I just upgraded from Wavelab 9.5 to 10. For some reason I thought that would fix the issue but I still can’t record in Wavelab with Motu 8D. Wavelab recognizes 8D in Audio Connections but I can’t get an audio signal. I’m on MacOS Big Sur.

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I think I need to create an Aggregate Device. I will try that.

Did you checked the permissions? Is Wavelab allowed to use the microphone?

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I have successfully used MOTU 8D with WaveLab 10 on Mac Big Sur OS11, in Audio Connections tab i had to Reset the 8D I/O, then it worked just fine via AES ports. Cheers, JT