Wavelab 10 Pro & Algorithmix reNovator

I’m planning to upgrade Wavelab 7.2.1 on windows 10 64 bit PC to Wavelab 10 pro. The main reason is the ability (Wavelab 10 Pro) to add metadata (ISRC codes, …) to various audio file formats for digital editions (iTunes, …). But I want to know if there is anything new about using Algorithmix reNovator within Wavelab 10 pro. Software I paid for almost 2500 € and I used it a lot within Wavelab 7.2.1 32 bit on the my old Win XP system, I had to abandon during the transition to win10 64 bit, because Wavelab 7.2.1 64 bit is no longer supports reNovator.
I don’t want to waste a lot of money again just on something (ability to add metadata) I can do with freeware (like Foobar2000). :unamused:

The old dedicated support of reNovator is no longer existing.
Instead, there is the possibility to call an external editor to “replace in place” from WaveLab, like SpectraLayers or Izotope RX.
Normally it should also work with the standalone version of reNovator, but last time it was tried (1 year?), it did not work. This renovator standalone version needed a fix, to accept editing a file from its command line.
I don’t know if this was done. You have to ask this company.

What has changed from WL 9.5 pro to WL 10 pro? On 9.5 pro reNovator works. The forum of those days says:

The support of reNovator had a development cost. Given the fact that WaveLab 10 offers a nice interaction with modern tools such as SpectraLayers or Izotope RX, the reNovator support was dropped. But again, if reNovator fixes their bug, you will be able to use it again with WaveLab 10, in the same way, SpectraLayers and Izotope RX can be used.

The boys of Algorithmix did not react on email.The company seems dead.
I use instead of Renovator now RX 7 and this is great too.