Wavelab 10 - Tidy up older features

I started out with WL 5,6, 9, 95 and now 10.

Something that bothers me is like we have a good interface.
But if you use something like The GAIN DIALOG, it is still very cumbersome.
I think these kind of Dialog can be updated.

Mostly i use Gain Dialog for like raising of lowering parts of vocals (editting vocals by hand with GAIN).
What bothers me i have to setup this thing all the time.
I need +1 db gain, ok, set it up and press Apply.
I need -1 db gain, ok, set it up and press Apply.
I play around with this all the time…
So why not having some extra buttons that do this directly.
No with this Gain Dialog i am more busy with the Dialog Itself then with actually Adjusting clips of the vocals.
And really i think this thing can be updated en modernised.

Anyway the pimping of WL10 and looks quite ok.
But really a lot of DIALOGS like this come from like 10 years ago and never has been updated at all.

Maybe some users do this also ?
Or maybe someone has a way better solution ?

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You don’t need to open the dialog to apply regular settings.
See the picture. These are the factory preset. Just click on one and the gain is applied to the selection.
And of course, you can make your own preset. And finally, you can assign shortcuts to them.
Which mean you can apply a desired setting with a shortcut.

That can be fast, isn’t it?

Thanks for the response.
I knew that. I and it works also (kind weird).

I ment the GAIN Window you actually get.
It is small and basically has no functions…
But hey i think you will never TIDY up old functions…
But this is a GAIN function and it is very important as Volume or other corrections.
So a tidy up ? of this very very old window is in order…

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Actually also C10 has a lot of old windows and functions, that are not according to the user interface.
And WL10 also had a lot of windows like GAIn etc, that do not look or feel modern.
And lacks function…

Tidy up…

Is it this one you mean…?
WL10_Gain window.jpg
If so, forgive me for asking, but what function(s) do you believe missing…?

(apologies if you are referring to another window altogether.!)

First of all i do a lot of Vocal editting with WL10.
This means i select a part of the vocals and adjust gain.
Mostly bij +0.6 db / - 0.6 db (increments).
So i use the apply button a lot.
Each time i need to change between - and +

So if there where some buttons +1db+apply and -1db+apply that would make it a lot quicker.

And really this POPup Gain window has not been worked on since WL5!

Got you… Ok, understood.