Wavelab 10 with Windows 11

Hello All,

Since 3 weeks i am working with Windows 11. At this moment i can not find any issues. Wavelab is working well with Windows 11.

Other people already testing Windows 11?

Best, Fab

No. I don’t have time to beta-test.

Thanks for the info.

VST Plugins working on my computer (RME Audio interface : RME Aio)


  • RX7 Standard
  • Ozone 9

Native Instruments:

  • Solid Bus Comp
  • Solid Dynamics
  • Solid EQ
  • Supercharger

Netfangled Audio

  • Saturation
  • Elevate
  • Equivocate
  • Punctuate

Plugin Alliance

  • AMEK EQ 200
  • bx console SSL 4000E
  • bx limiter
  • bx optop
  • bx subfilter
  • bx townhouse buss compressor
  • bx xl v2
  • elysia alpha, karacter, niveau filter
  • Lindell 254E and 354E
  • Millentia TCL-2
  • Shadow Hills: Class A and Mastering Compressor
  • SPL: IRON, Passeq Single, Passeq, TwinTube, Vitalizer MK2-T
  • Vertigo: VSC-2, VSM-3
  • bx_ saturator v2
  • SPL Twintube
  • Vertigo VSM-3


  • Chandler Limited: Curve Bender, Germanium Comp, Zener Limiter
  • Drawmer 1973
  • FET Compressor
  • Summit Audio TLA-100A
  • Tube-Tech CL 1B mk ii , 1B
  • Tube-Tech Classic Channel mk ii, Channel
  • Tube-Tech Equalizers mk ii, ME1B, PE1C


  • Compressor 260 Mono, Stereo
  • Compressor 276 Mono, Stereo
  • Vintage Open Deck

Tone Empire:

  • Goliath V2
  • Opto Red

Tone Boosters

  • TB ReelBus v4
  • And others also


  • Presswerk x64
  • Satin x64

Vertigo Sound

  • Vertigo Sound VSM-4
  • Vertigo Sound VSE-2


  • Analzyer Correlometer
  • SPAN Plus
  • Elephant
  • PHA-979


  • Abbey Road RS 124
  • Abbey Road Vinyl
  • API-2500
  • AR TG Mastering (Chandler)
  • CLA-2A
  • CLA-3A
  • CLA-76
  • dbx-160
  • MaxxVolume
  • PuigChild 660 , 670

IK Multimedia

T-RackS 5 MAX and Comprexxor.

I use the latest Versions of Updates. Only T-RackS has by one PlugIn a crash in Wavelab. But this was before and also after upgrading from Win 10 May Update to Win 11 Professional. Everything works as expected. I use it for mastering. Also the RME Audio AIO Interaface with the Total Mix (everything by the latest available drivers and software) with recording is working.

I love win 11!

Best, Fab

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Anybody here got WL 11 to install on Win 11 ?
on mine it gets halfway thru the installer then kicks up an error- then uninstalls itself

Have tried directly from the .msi as well


Hey audiowizardry

Fist of all, check if you have a TMP v2.0 Chip! Then the most important thing is done.

Then Download PS Health Check Tool from Microsoft. Google it and you will find it! Download it only from Microsoft!

Disconnect all USB Sticks or something else if you encounter issues. Only Mouse and Keyboard.

Use first the PS Health Check Tool from Microsoft.

Then under bing dot com search for windows 11 update log file and klick on the first link. There you will be on the right place for the logfiles (update logfiles incl. errors)

Good luck!

PS: WaveLab 11 also working until now without any issues… Love Wavelab 11!

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