WaveLab 11.0.10 Maintenance Update

That’s very reassuring to know. Fortunately we also have the developer of Wavelab inhere, PG1. My guess is, he also knows what he’s talking about (he is somewhat more laid-back about it though). I prefer to follow his advice over someone’s who debates trashing his preferences because it ‘also didn’t work for Cubase 10.5’.

I am also experiencing an immediate crash after launching of WL…again…
I did trash ALL my prefs before, then it did work for some time, didnt change a thing and now after the update it dissapears again after starting up.
It’s nervewrecking to rebuilt my prefs everytime an update is released.
PG I am with WL since V1.2 or so, and never had such troubles.
I am sure there is something you could do on your side to make it smoother.

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using WaveLab 11.0.10?
Windows or Mac?
Any crash log?


Windows 10

Where do i find the crash log?
It just disappears after loading up… no crash, no blue screen or such…back to desktop

Open the file: \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Startup.ini

and add the line:


WaveLabPro11_error_report_211020-170728.zip (3.3 MB)

Thanks, this gives a small idea. This seems related to a plugin that is loaded in the Master Section.
Rather than trashing all your preferences, you can try this:

  • Erase the file \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Cache\Window Config\MasterSectionPreset.dat
  • Or maintain Control while launching WaveLab (if you use the startup dialog, maintain Control) after confirming the startup dialog.

Either way will prevent the last Master Section config to load.

Question: do you have more than one screen? (my question, because the crash happens when a plugin window is apparently move to a new screen).

Yes I use 2 screens and the plugins are always on the second one.
I will try your suggestions and will get back.

Alright, deleting the MasterSectionPreset.dat works, but as soon as i load the saved Mastersection Setup its going bye bye again.

That does not happen with WL 10.
Thats what I am using:, WES Audio, Waves, ADPTR, Izotope, hmm

Try to isolate the plugin causing the problem.

Nice. regardless of who you choose to listen to, Wavelab Elements 11.0.10 definitely has something wrong with it. Multiple things wrong. This past weekend in Los Angeles, W11 Elements decided it didn’t want to display any of my Waves plugins correctly. I could not make any changes because the display of any Waves plugin was 1 1/0th the size. And uneditable. I opened the same effects chain in Wavelab 10 and 9 and they all displayed perfectly. Are you listening to me now?

seem to have problems with the WES Audio plug ins.
I restarted and it loaded the last set of WES Plugs and dissapears.

Again, those work in WL 10 without any Problems.

As I mentioned, trashing the preferences did not help. But I just upgraded to Wavelab Pro 11.0.10, and it is working perfectly. Opens and closes fine, all plugins display at the proper size gui, and I can save as an mp3 with no error messages. This version of 11 feels stable. So my problems are solved, just not by the way you recommended. I stand by my statement - something is wrong with Wavelab 11 Elements, and whatever it is it’s not in Wavelab 11 Pro.

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WL 11 and some VST3 plugs don’t like Windows to be set to display other than 100% image