WaveLab 11.0.20 crashes when opening Audio Connection

WaveLab crashes immediately when i trying to open Preferences > Audio Connection

Cubase 11 Pro with Ur22mkII works fine. Win10.

Try erasing this file:
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Presets\Audio Connections.last

Thank you for your answer. But no, WaveLab 11 Pro showed me “loading” window and created new folder Audio Connections at AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Presets again. Still crashes.

This is WaveLab with trial period.

What audio devices are connected to your computer?

This could be an ASIO driver issue.

Look in the registry at this key:

WaveLab will try to load these drivers at startup.
You could try to temporarily remove these keys to see if that changes something.
One solution is to erase the CLSID variable.
Later, whether you paste the values again, to restore the info. You could also reinstall the drivers.

thank you, it worked

I’m having the same issues and I’m not finding these files. Where should I be looking for them?
Win 10 Pro is the OS.

Look at my last message: this is about the registry, not files.

Found it. But there are 3 folders under ASIO that contain the same header :
Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver
M-Audio Delta ASIO
Realtek ASIO
Would M-Audio be the choice to remove?

I don’t know, but I have a machine with a Realtek ASIO that crashes…

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Hey all,

I’m getting the same issue here Win 10, WL11, RME UFX… It seems all was fine up until a recent Win10 Update. Now only Speaker Config 1 works, when i change configuration I loose all audio. If I try to refresh the audio settings, it scans the RME outputs but with the title Generic ASIO even though RME USB ASIO is selected.

Same setup here but no problem.
This is normal that all devices (as listed in the registry) are scanned.
Check my previous message about the registry, for a likely solution.