WaveLab 11.1.20 - automatic markers bug after recording

I just realize that WaveLab puts additional markers and when use them to start playing from MARKERS window, it plays at different positions, not related to the markers.

So, I open Recording window with “*” key.

  • Options:
    Auto-Start if sound detected
    Auto-Pause if silence
    Auto-Create markers at pause points
    all other options not related to this functionality (create file, input, format etc).

So, after recording three pieces and making spaces between them, I have this result:

First two markers point to the same position. Second two markers point also point to the same position, but, when I click to play (in Markers window you see active 4th marker icon), it starts to play at 8th second, not 11th as it should.

I can recreate this even WaveLab restarted. It seems a bug for me.
On a fresh installed laptop. Ryzen5, 2 GHz, 20 GB RAM, SSD for system.

Thanks for the report. Indeed, I can reproduce the problem. I note to fix that for next minor WaveLab update.

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