Wavelab 11.1 double arrow mouse cursor

Since the last update I am getting a double arrow mouse cursor in wavelab, has anyone noticed this ?
when trying to use the plugins or in the plugin menu, is there a way to turn that off ?

Did you try a clean fresh audio montage with no plugins ?

Yes even with no plugins, anything I hover over I attached a video , windows 10,

I Think you should provide more info on your system, graphics card /driver version etc.
Im on windows 10 21h1 wavelab 11.1 and no issues with mouse arrow

I remember such a report but this only happened once. Strange that it happens so often for you. I will have a look.

Yup its bizarre happened right after the update,
thank you

So I opened up Wavelab 10 to see if it did it there and it didn’t, re opened 11.1 and it is fine now, hopefully it doesn’t come back, thanks guys,

Windows 20h2 i7 9700k.
geforce gtx 1650ti latest driver
64 gigs ram,
went back to previous wavelab and everything is fine, guess i’ll wait for next update and see it was driving me crazy,