Wavelab 11.1 empty screen with M1 mac Big Sur

I upgraded to Wavelab Pro 11.1 and did the transfer to the new license system (seems successful). Wavelab opens but (after closing a notification of VST2 plugs not supported) and selecting something from the Open Recent dialogue, there is just an empty grey screen. I try to open wave files or montage files, or make a new montage. I can navigate such main menu items and try to open things but the result is that nothing happens, it’s just an empty screen. Searched for this issue and found nothing. Tried in Rosetta mode but it’s the same behaviour. In the app dock there are two(!) green Wavelab icons. Macbook Pro M1 2020 16GB RAM, OS 11.6. Wavelab 11.1.20 (build 62) Apple Silicon

Did a fresh reinstall (then only one icon in the dock). Same empty screen behaviour. But then I tried Workspace-Layout-Default and then it was back to normal. So it seems some old stored window layout for multiple displays (?) may have been applied even though I was using only the built-in display. All good now.


Just happened to me too on an M1 Mac with Monterey. Definitely a head scratcher but thanks for taking the time to post the solution.

Macbook Pro M3 Pro - same issue. anyone fix this:?

menu Workspace > Layout > Default