Wavelab 11.1 No vertical zoom in vertical ruler

The Vertical Zoom in the Waveform Edit Window is no longer working in Wavelab 11.1

In Wavelab 10 - dragging in the vertical ruler - zoomed on the vertical plane - and was really useful along with being immediate.

But this is missing in Wavelab 11.1 - which I’ve just ‘upgraded’ to - and it’s a real step backwards.

The alternatives are simply not intuitive - and require either a lot of unnecessary extra mouse or menu work, adding a lot of extra time to something that was immediate.

Please can this function be restored?

Thank you!


It works on OS X like Big Sur with key Shift + scroll vertical

regards S-EH


Thank you for your reply.

I’m on Windows

Shift & Scroll Vertical - sort of works, but is totally unpredictable on Windows.
The display slides all over the place, especially when zooming out - it ends up far away from where I was editing.

When it worked on the vertical ruler - the edit point remained static an the display zoomed around the edit point. Completely not the case with Shift & Scroll Vertical in the Horizontal Ruler.

The scroll and zoom behavior is now far too unpredictable, where it was rock-solid with the Vertical Zoom Drag Motion.

Definitely not a good solution on Windows 10

But thank you.

This features has been removed because the same result can already be achieved in various ways, and was not “compatible” with the montage, and also little smart (drag horizontal to obtain a vertical effect):

  • Thumb Wheel at the bottom right corner
  • Ribbon Controls
  • Shift + Vertical Arrow Keys
  • Shift + Mouse Wheel (and in WaveLab 11.1.10, Microsoft Surface Dial with mid-mouse button press)

Thank you for your reply:

I use a pen for editing, it’s quicker and it means I no longer suffer from RSI ( repetitive strain injury ) when using a mouse.

My Pen Pad has a dial I can use as a mid-mouse button - and this works very well. Thank you for this…

But, as I said in my original post:
With the other alternative methods, described in your post:
There’s now a lot more button pushing in the menu or a lot more mouse movement.
Whereas before when using the Vertical Ruler, it was a simple drag and immediate.

As a lot of the editing is at the start of the file - the mouse ( or pen ) now has to go all the way across the screen to the bottom right hand corner to reach the ribbon controls
Or the user has to choose a menu and embark on repeatedly clicking the mouse button - not good for RSI

If the ribbon control was at the top left of the waveform- instead of the bottom right - that would be so much more convenient and faster for editing - as the menus are then directly above the ribbons for quick selection.

It would be great to have this as an option, because for me, that would be so much faster for quick editing all round.

Or: When vertical editing using Ctrl and the Horizontal Ruler - could the cursor position remain at the same point in the waveform? ( As it already does when using the Microsoft Surface Dial ) The present waveform display behavior is somewhat unpredictable when using Ctrl and the Horizontal Ruler.

Many Thanks, David

Press Shift instead of Control, for this.

Shift is only for Horizontal Zoom.
At least in Windows 10.
Ctrl is for Vertical - but the display slides all over the place - by random amounts…

It’s simply no where near as elegant or as intuitive or as accurate as the Vertical Ruler was when dragging in Wavelab 10.

In all honesty - Vertical Zoom has taken a huge step backwards.
Completely unpredictable now.
I’m very frustrated and disappointed now with Wavelab.
And annoyed with myself for being so stupid to invest in the ‘upgrade’

Editing audio is now simply horrible compared to 10-Pro.
It’s core purpose should be to edit audio.

Sorry, there is no way to put a positive spin on it.
Vertical zoom is now awful.

No, Ctrl is for Horizontal zooming. Or what do you mean?

Shift + mouse wheel is sooo easy.

Ctrl is for vertical zooming in the Horizontal Ruler.

Shift + mouse wheel is not as easy or as intuitive as simply pressing on the Vertical Ruler and dragging to the desired amount. That ‘was’ instant.

For a start - the user now has to use 2 hands - instead of 1 to zoom in vertically.
How can that be progress?

The extra steps you have now created for the user are to have to move your left hand to the Shift Button - and move to a different button on your mouse AND then scroll

Everyone has their own way of working.
For me - I have a pen on my right and a midi controller on my left

I don’t see midi commands for Click / Shift / Ctrl / Dbl Click / Right Click
That would help in this situation

“Shift + mouse wheel is sooo easy.”
Yes - It’s only so easy if that’s the ‘only’ thing you’re doing in isolation - but in the context of having to edit lots of files for a client very quickly mid session - it’s creating extra work multiple times and slowing down productivity.

It used to be excellent.

The thumb wheel requires only one hand and it works exactly the same way as with the old level ruler, except that you have to drag up/down instead of left/right.

And there is yet another way to zoom “with one hand”… it is to press the mid-button (the wheel button) and use the wheel at the same time…
Except there is a bug that currently prevents this (which will be fixed in WaveLab 11.1.10), and this works both for audio files and montage vertical zooming.

Lets take a common scenario - where Audio editing software such as Wavelab should come in really useful.

Dialogue editing:

Editing the very start of the speech is critical.
Even very low dB of speech may be critical speech information

And if you’re editing speech for overdubbing a Netflix series or adding speech to a video game - there may be thousands, or tens of thousands of files that need editing.

We need to zoom in Vertically to the start of the speech to make sure we don’t miss any of those important details needed to recognize words correctly. Zero crossing is not accurate enough.

But looking at your diagram - look where your arrow is - that’s as far away from the start of the waveform as you could possibly get on screen. Lots of mouse movement required.

If those sliders ( where your arrow is ) were at the top left of the editor screen - that would be really useful. They would be exactly in the vicinity of where we want to edit the start of the file. Again - Look where your arrow is -it’s the end of the clip.

I appreciate you project manage Wavelab - and it has many great features, but the fundamental, everyday editing of a large volume of clips, is probably not the best use of your time. However, as an end user, quick, intuitive editing ( with as few mouse movements and clicking as possible ) is critical for user productivity.

Looking forward to trying this in context when said bug has been fixed.

Again, cutting down on clicking and large mouse movements - all help to save time and RSI problems.

Sliders at top left of Waveform would work well for repeated fast editing

The mouse would always be close to the critical vertical edits

Ok, I have found a way to bring back the WaveLab 10 vertical zooming method in the upcoming version 11.1.10.


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Thank you Philippe, appreciated.

Very much looking forward to the next update.

Best, David

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Hi Phillipe

Re: P-5696

Thank you so much :pray:

I’ve tried so many different key commands - which all work very well.
And I’ve learnt a few new methods of working with Wavelab

But nothing compares to the productivity enhancement of using this method - due to the dynamic and immediate nature of this way of working.

Also, if there is any way of duplicating the sliders to the top left of the waveform too at some point in the future, that would be an added bonus.

But for now, I’m happy to enjoy the productivity gains and much reduced pressure on my wrist.

Thank you again.

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