Wavelab 11.1 problems with plug-in ''the god particle''

Greetings, I have a problem with Wavelab 11.1 when using the god particle plug-in. The audio does not play I do not know what the problem is. the plug-in works without problem when loading in another daw

I’m not familiar with this plugin but normally a fix like this has to come from the plugin developer, not WaveLab. WaveLab is a host for plugins and doesn’t treat certain plugins differently than others.

The developer of the plugin needs to code the plugin well enough that it works in all (or most) hosts.

WaveLab is not on their list of supported DAWs:

You could ask them to support WaveLab. That is the way forward.

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Thank you very much, I already sent you a ticket waiting for a response.

Hello, I have submitted a ticket to Cradle support explaining my problem with Wavelab 11 and they have responded to my concern.

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