Wavelab 11.2 crashes at startup (plugins probably)

after some master-chain work with no issues I closed WL. After some time I tried to restart WL and it crashes every time, a moment after it loads the master section plugins.

Deleting file …\Cache\Window Config\MasterSectionPreset.dat allows launch, but without master plugins.

I would like to recreate yesterday’s work on the master chain, or at least find out what plugin causes it. These are not any exotic plug-ins, I think (picture shows those).

I tried to do something using procdump - I attach a link to the wetransfer archive.

Can I have some help please?

One of your crash dump points to a crash inside something called “Weiss Deess”

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Thank you!
So I suspected Flow Suite as this is unpredictable software at the moment yet.
Is there any chance to load that chain without “Flow Mastering Suite”, other than unistalling it?

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You can add the name of the plugin to the list of plugins not to be loaded (Preferences > Plugins > General).

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Ok, long story short - I changed file extension on mentioned VST3 plugin file and WL started with all other plugins loaded in mastering section.
Softube Flow Mastering Suite needs some improvement. :wink:

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