Wavelab 11.2 weird crashes on loud files (?!)

My system:
Win 11
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
Radeon RX 6600

I am experiencing weird Wavelab crashes.
With some plugins chain in Master Section I can play source-mix normally.

Rendered file of this mix (same file parameters 44.1/24) causes WL crash after about a second of playback of loud part of a song. This happens with or without master section bypass.

I can also play quiet intro of this rendered song, but WL freezes just before first loud hit in a song. It is a rule in this case :thinking:.

Source mix with max peaks about -6 db plays fine. Loud master freezes WL or / and one of the plugins.

Please look at dump file, maybe an explanation can be found there:

thanks in advance,

It is unlikely to be the program (that is loud passages) that are the cause of this. Rather, more likely the timing of whatever is causing the issue is coincidental with the start of the loud passage.

The first thing I would try is to reset the master section so that there are no plugins. Then play the file.

My expectation is that it will play fine.

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Difficult to say, but there is a plugin named ACQUA or so, that is causing trouble.

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Exception Image path:
“C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Acustica\DOVEFLAT.vst3\Contents\Resources\ACQUA.engine”

It is described as Dynamic Harmonics Compressor / Suppressor and a De-Harsher, i.e. it has probably something to do with issues in peak processing, which occur short time before peaks, due to lookahead.
Like @Paul_Rat_Blakey advised, try to remove this plugin from the chain.

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Acust*ca plugins generally have been the source of a number of issues reported here and elsewhere over a long time now. IMHO not worth the hassle.

thanks all for your time. I definitely appreciate it :pray:.

In the meantime, I found out which plugin causes this and it’s Acustica Audio DoveFlat, as @ASM already pointed out.

And yes, it is the loud passages that cause it to crash. Beyond any doubt. I confirmed it with other audio files too. @Paul_Rat_Blakey I’m amazed too :thinking:.

Precisely, this happens when I use specific detector algo in the plugin (VCA Hard specifically). With other detectors it works just fine.
Not that, I’m a fanboy, but I appreciate some tools they provide. Some are irreplaceable to me.

So, support ticket sent to AA. With dump file, screenshot and a video. Yesterday was my beta-testing day LOL.


I will second that - I tried one that was offered free with Cubase and it completely ruined my otherwise stable DAW. I could not even cleanly uninstall the thing and had to revert to restoring from an image backup. Never again.

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Ah this makes sense.