WaveLab 11 Activation

Alright, I’m having issues with WL 11 and I already submitted a ticket. Coming on here to see if anyone else is experiencing this. I have had zero issues the last 3 years owning WL, until now. I perform a yearly wipe out of my laptop, I do this every year and have had zero issues. Now, after installing steinberg and WL all of a sudden WL says no license found when I try and launch WL. First time I’ve ever seen this. I’ve performed the troubleshooting steps provided by steinberg with no success. Why is it saying no license found when on my elicenser I have WL on there? Makes no sense whatsoever.


Checked this ?

regards S-EH

If you have installed WaveLab 11.2, then you must migrate your licence to Steinberg Licensing using the voucher in your My Steinberg account. WaveLab 11.2 will not work with an eLicenser licence.