WaveLab 11 available - the most comprehensive update in product history

Dear WaveLab friends,

I’m truly happy to announce the immediate availability of WaveLab 11!
After almost 2 years of development, hundreds of hours of conception and coding, we’re proud to release WaveLab 11 today as the most comprehensive update in 25 years of product history.

WaveLab 11 comes with 45+ new exciting features, improvements and workflow additions in many areas such as Stem Mastering, Multichannel Editing, Analyzing, Dithering, Automation, Plug-Ins, Video, Podcasting, Processing and more. That’s why we made a jump right from version 10 to 11, skipping 10.5.

Please visit our newly created NEW FEATURES website to learn more about WaveLab Pro 11 :

Here you can learn more about the NEW FEATURES of WaveLab Elements 11:

More information on Grace Period:
If you have activated a WaveLab product after August 11, please check here if you’re
eligible for the Grace Period (free update to WaveLab 11):

Here’s the overview promo video for the new main features of WaveLab 11:

With more than 500,000 WaveLab products shipped since it’s inception in 1995, WaveLab continues to be the world’s most often used Audio Editing and Mastering platform. Thank you very much for your continuous trust in our products and wishing you a lot of fun discovering WaveLab 11!

All the best,


And still no native version for Apple Silicon.

Cool look forward to checking it out.

Btw the sales page is wrong. It says upgrades starting from £300 but they start at £85 if you have W10 Pro.

Looks nice, but I’ll probably wait six weeks or so for the first patch. :wink:

Hi Timo, just found a bug on the Element version, when changing the audio output or input no audio will come out until app is reopened. I’m running Mac iOs Big Sur 11.5.2 M1. Where can I report this bug?

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There is no English user interface in WaveLab 11?

Hi, I know it says compatibility starts with Catalina, but I’m still very happily running Mojave. I’m already only using 64bit so will it run in Mojave?


Mojave hits end of life on 11/30/21 - 83 days from now

Cannot see PG or Steinberg supporting an OS that even Apple won’t. Even for 83 days.


Yes, my post acknowledges that they are only supporting from Catalina on. My question is whether it will run?

It’s the same old problem with Apple, to use their updater you’re forced to go to the current OS which isn’t supported by some developers. Otherwise you have to chase down an install of whatever is the most supported OS.

Right now I have a system that is purring along. I’m would very much like to not upset that.

Will it run? Probably. Or - maybe not? Your call if you want to take that chance.

PG is pretty good at stopping in here and telling you what will work - exactly. However - I suspect it’s the usual drill - the listed supported OS versions have actually been tested with WL11 and would see effort placed around fixes if something should occur while using them with WL11.

However - if you are running WL 11 on an unsupported (and most likely untested) OS - good luck with that.

If it were me - I would drop any OS that is dead in 83 days and get current. But that’s me. Using WL (and all of my main tools) in a supported environment far outweighs any need to stay on some EOL OS version - no matter how well it is running.



I have no sound too - I closed it and reopened it several times, but still no sound. All the meters are showing sound is being played. I’m also running macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 on a 2020 Mac mini M1 with an Apogee One audio interface

Just to make sure, I opened Wavelab elements 10 and sound was coming out normally

Hello “Cubasis” and Miguel,
Thank you for reporting this issue, we’ll have a look into this immediately.



Looks like a total no-brainer upgrade in several areas. Bravo. Count me in. Will probably wait several weeks for the first patch though! :smiley: But really great feature list, lots of things I’ve been hoping for, and also very happy to see even the “casting” features added in… yes, professional podcasters and streamers need these tools.

I was concerned that the Wavelab Cast features were going to be relegated to a separate product and not given enough importance and development, but it’s good to see that you have brought those features to the full versions of Wavelab too.

Professional, higher-level podcast and streaming production has become an important workflow consideration (and real revenue opportunity) for some audio engineers and producers who cover a wide range of work, and it’s good to have one “mastering” product that has all those key features too. PLEASE keep feature parity in those areas and continue development for podcast/streaming-oriented features.

Wavelab should continue its dominance in all professional audio mastering areas, including these very important “casting”/streaming markets. Media production has become fluid, crossing boundaries IMO, and audio producers and engineers are called upon to tackle a myriad of projects from professional podcasts to highly polished streaming production to film post production to music mastering to sound design to game audio. Happy to see Wavelab evolve and offer tools for all those needs.

Good job, and congrats.

Only thing I’d like to see soon is better integration with SpectaLayers please! Wavelab + SpectraLayers (+Cubase/Nuendo) are better together.

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Congratulations team, great accomplishment! Very happy with the new feature set, looks more on par with the rest of the Steinberg 11 apps (e.g. Nuendo). Especially happy for true multichannel support which is something my studio sorely needs. Downloaded and initial playing with it looks great, it’s still comfortably Wavelab so my sound engineer should have little trouble upgrading.

Edit: Wow, OK, it’s kind of looking that for sound design Wavelab is now better than Nuendo, which is a little clumsy for that purpose. Track lanes in particular means you can now layer a bunch of clips for some SFX, and with the plugin capability can apply further affects, then create variations in a Montage perhaps (can you use the Randomizer plugin from Nuendo here?) Interesting ideas …

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I think that … at least for me upgrading from the last WL10 Pro build on a current Windoze 10 system … the auto carry over of WL 10 preferences for the audio interface connections produced a ‘default’. Meaning the RME AIO ‘analogue’ 1 and 2 rather than the AES that was selected in 10.

It’s a simple change but I suspect that’s what the posters have missed.

This is amazing—just what some of us have been hoping for for a long time. So happy about multichannel editing in particular, and automation. Thanks so much to PG and the team.

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Cool. Upgraded yesterday and now checking out the new features.
Unfortunately the CPU usage is a higher than in Wabelab 10. I’m currently working on a master (with some CPU-intensive plugins) which still plays nicely at about 95% (in the green bar at the bottom). In Wavelab 11 the playback stutters very strong, showing 100%. Yes, I know, maybe it’s time to upgrade my PC or CPU :wink: but I was hoping for some CPU optimisation in Wavelab 11. The new feature “Use multi-core” is enabled of course, but I think this doesn’t really optimize stereo montages, maybe just 5.1 montages.

Hi All,

Looking forward to upgrade from Pro 10 to 11, and enjoying reading what you’ve discovered so far about the new version.
I’m stubborn though, and last August 2020 installed WL Pro 10 on my Windows 7 PC (with 8 GB of RAM, Intel i7 quad core) and haven’t experienced any issues.
Looking to hear from any of you who have upgraded from 10 to 11 onto a Windows 7 - should I give it a go? The specs for 10 Pro stated it was compatible with Windows 10, but not with anything older, so I’m wondering if I can still use my Windows 7 with its 18" display to work with WaveLab Pro 11?

Thanks for any feedback.

Are you aware that you can use SpectralLayers as an external editor, both to edit one or more audio channel from the wave editor, or all or part of a clip in the montage?