WaveLab 11 Elements freezed when Edit Audio File

Hello, Greetings to all… I want to report a problem that I have with WaveLab 11.1 Elements and that I have been dragging since version 11.0.

The problem I have is when I edit an audio file and it freezes without being able to use it anymore (I have to kill the process to try again)
It only freezes when I copy, cut or delete at the end/start of an audio file.
For example, I can apply a process in the final part to cut/copy/delete a segment and sometimes just selecting it freezes it completely
I am using it on Windows 10 with a PC with a core i3 processor.
I have eliminated the program completely, erased all the configurations and even tried to configure it in different ways without being able to solve it. I thought that in this new update it would be solved, but it’s still the same.

You mention you use a Core i3 while the minimum CPU is a Core i5 for WaveLab. That could be the reason, especially if the same simple procedure reproduces the problem.

I don’t think so, that is the problem, I work in Cubase 12 without any kind of problems with a mix of up to 55 tracks…and it is very stable. Also, editing an audio file in WaveLab does not consume even 20% of the cpu.

Please describe step by step a procedure that causes the problem.


  1. Open WaveLab 11.1 Elements
  2. Start in the More/Create Empty Window section.
  3. I drag an audio file into the program.
  4. The file opens, then I zoom in and go to the end of the file. As far as the red dotted line at the end of the file.
  5. I select the last 3 sec (or any time range)
  6. Once selected, I do any simple editing process, can be it copy, paste, delete or apply a simple process. For example apply a Fade Out process. Select again in the range of the last 3 sec. and automatically freezes…
  7. Sometimes you can do the editing process several times until it freezes, other times it’s just selecting it freezes.

Any chance to try on a non-Core-i3 computer?

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Oh thanks. The bug was resolved in the latest update.