WaveLab 11 Elements - Loudness Meter

I have just purchased Wavelab Elements 11. The WL Elements 11 Operation Manual (in the PDF version, on page 286) says:

The Loudness Meter is an audio meter for monitoring loudness, according to the EBU R-128 standard.

  • To open the Loudness Meter, select Meters > Loudness Meter.

However, in the menu Meters there are eight options to choose from, but there is no Loudness Meter (please see the attached picture). There is, it seems, a mismatch between the software and the manual. Am I missing something? Would someone clarify this situation? Thank you.


Sorry, manual mistake.

Thank you.

Does anybody else find it a bit odd that WL Elements still hasn’t got a proper loudness metering? Or even an offline analyzer. I mean today loudness analysis is pretty basic. There are no special algorithms necessary and you have to measure it a LOT of times these days. For example most Podcast platforms require loudness normalized mixes. I think even (or especially) the cheaper Wavelab Cast should have loudness metering/normalization built in. Instead we get multi-channel support. Which is very very nice - don’t get me wrong. Other maufacturers implement multi-channel support in their pro-versions (e.g. RX, Altiverb …). But I have the impression of a strange prioritization here.

You can use the standard RMS analyzer, at least.

At least … :slight_smile:

Is there a way to insert a metering plug-in like Youlean and I hit render and the plug-in displays the results? Only a lot faster than real time? At the moment the display does nothing when rendering.