Wavelab-11 elements not picking up Izotope Ozone (adv) 10 vsts

Hi, I’m running a vst scan in Wavelab elements 11.1.20, and it stalls on two Ozone 10 vst3 plugins - Stabilizer and Dynamics. I have a pop-up asking to wait or skip. If I wait, it eventally repeats the pop-up, so I have to skip. Does anyone know what’s going on, or have a fix for this? This is even more important now in Ozone 10 since they no longer provide the stand-alone app; it needs Wavelab or similar to hold the plugs together.

What you could try is this:

  • skip
  • go into the plugin preferences, and select the command below. Then select the skipped plugins from the list.
  • restart WaveLab. The plugin will be evaluated anew. This could maybe work. You can repeat this procedure.

I assume you use the 64-bit VST-3 version of the plugin.


Thanks for the reply, PG1. I’ve just rescanned and this time Wavelab seems happy with those plug-ins. But it complained about Ozone 10 Imager. So I’ll re-scan and ignore previous plug-ins.
Yes, 64b vst3 (I don’t thimk Oz10 comes with vst2 now).

Yes, got it that time! Thanks.

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