Wavelab 11 - insanity to not be able to quickly burn an audio CD! Forced to use Nero!

Can’t believe this feature is not there - what is the thinking behind this?

Please check the manual. WaveLab is able to burn Audio CDs both on Mac and Windows (in Windows 11, you just need to disable the Windows Core isolation mode)

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I burn CDs regularly direct from WL11.

WaveLab can burn CDs from the Audio Montage, and from an existing DDP. Perhaps other ways as well.

I wonder if Tech-dance is referring to the old “Basic Audio CD Mode” that was removed for version 10 (I think) which certain users seem to love. I never used it.

I wonder if Tech-dance is also referring to WaveLab Elements or WaveLab Pro.

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I was Justin_P (referring to “Basic Audio CD Mode”) but I am now getting my head round using Audio Montage thanks to a third party YouTube video

Audio Montage can be simple enough, but has the ability to do more complex things. With a little time invested, you’ll be able to burn a basic audio CD fairly quickly.

I’m not sure why Basic Audio CD Mode was removed awhile back but I remember some people were not too happy about it.

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Cheers guys. Love you all x

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