Wavelab 11, multichannel, audio montage need help

WL11 drives me crazy when using multichannel files. I’m using 5.1.
Some operations I’m not able to do, maybe somebody can give me hints etc.
Before I will get mad.

  1. Replacement of a file in audio montage by another file stored on disk.
    My montage is already done, markers are set, transitions were done. Now I want to
    replace files by a new version. But I want to keep everything else.
    No moving of the other files, no change of transitions, no marker should change.
    It should all remain as it is.
    Just replacing.
    May be I’ve to cut at the beginning and/or end a bit, only trimming.

  2. How can I treat the group of front L+R, C, LFE, rear L+R just like a stereo file?
    I want to apply all fades equal to all 6 channels. They should be exactly the same on all 6!
    As well I want to trim, cut, move or what ever with the complete 5.1 Track.

How can I bundle them in montage into something like a group, cluster or whatever it might be called??? Where is the button to do this? On/Off …

Thanks a lot. Regards Mike

I hate to say this but if you do a lot of this maybe WL is not the perfect DAW for you.

Maybe use something like Nuendo see Nuendo: Advanced Audio Post-Production Solution | Steinberg for more information…FWIW

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Hmm, I’ve sometimes stereo CDs as target and so I’ve a 2.0 montage. Cue-sheet, Text, markers, transitions. All there. Containing everything. Now my idea is to use this for a surround montage too. I was lucky to read the announcement of WL’s multi channel capabilities. I was lucky. I was.

Recording, arranging and mixing is done in Nuendo. Thomas, you could be right.
But it could be so easy in wavelab. But it isn’t.

I tried the demo of Nuendo and was blown away by how it integrates everything into one DAW. The price is high but doable and I am still thinking about it. FWIW

WL is a GREAT DAW BUT!!! it is not a full multi channel DAW, You cannot mix multichannel audio in it as it has no mixer. I don’t think PG or Steinberg ever envisioned it as a multi channel DAW it is primarily a stereo or two channel mastering app that has had some “multi channel features” added as users requested them. If you do a lot of multi channel work a different DAW would probably more suited to what you are doing FWIW

As I wrote before, all excerpt the “mastering” and “montage” is done in Nuendo. I’m on V8 because I know the workarounds for some annoying bugs and there are no plans for atmos so far. So no need to upgrade.

It would be so helpful to do 5.1 after doing 2.0 (CD mostly) in WL. In general it works, WL11 does not crash when loading some kind of 5.1 files as WL10 did. But why is it so complicated (almost impossible) to do that what I mentioned before? Is there something I have overseen in montage?

Where is the knob or menu to group a track with L+R+C+LFE+SL+SR together (in montage!)?
Is there one? Thanks.

I only use WL for two track editing, recording and mastering so maybe Justin or PG will chime in with an answer to your question. Best of luck!


Have you checked Master Section and load plugin
Steinberg/Surround/Mix 6 to 2 ?
Try the Factory Settings

regards S-EH

In the montage, you can replace the audio file used by a given clip (right click in the clip). You can also replace the file itself (Files Tool Windows).

  1. How can I treat the group of front L+R, C, LFE, rear L+R just like a stereo file?

Use the audio editor. Because for the audio montage, this is not possible. All surround files are always splitted in mono/stereo tracks.

In the montage, you can replace the audio file used by a given clip (right click in the clip). You can also replace the file itself (Files Tool Windows).

I though the same. It a bit of cheating WL but OK for me.
Thank you.

BTW: I made it. With a lot of patience.
It would be so easy to “tie” all channels together so I can apply all fades exactly to all of them.
In the audio editor there is a button for this that I miss in montage.

A very useful feature is exporting markers as xml. Those can be imported in WL10.
WL10’s DVD-A function is not broken as WL11’s is.

Finally I used my old WL6 for doing the DVD-A. (unfortunately those markers can’t imported so
this has to be done manually)
But DVD-A creation is a different topic. And: yes, a bit outdated I know.

Select clip(s)
hold down and keep shortcut “Option” key on Mac
now drag with mouse pointer on fade point
release mouse pointer when fade time is right…

regards S-EH

:see_no_evil: Yes, that’s it. Windows=ALT key. Thank you. This helps indeed.

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