Wavelab 11

I’m checking almost every week to find some news about it for month in vain.
So I’m digging up the subject hoping for a good surprise.
Any expected release next weeks, months, trimester?


Since they haven’t even released Wavelab 10.5 yet, I doubt there’s much point in speculating about Wavelab 11.

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WaveLab 9.0: Released in spring 2016
WaveLab 9.5: Released in fall 2017
WaveLab 10.0: Released in fall 2019
WaveLab 10.5: Probably released in fall 2021
WaveLab 11.0: Probably released in fall 2023

Of course I mean the next major upgrade.

I don’t know what kind of information you’re hoping to get. It’ll just be uninformed people trying to out-speculate each other, IMO.

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PG1 answered to the same kind of question last year by “nothing in 2020”. So I tried.
Some people have pertinent informations.

I’m curious why this would be making you anxious. Is there something you expect to see in WaveLab 11, or perhaps another reason you need to check so often?

If you just have too much money accumulating and you need to spend some, you might consider donating to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund while you wait :wink:

It’s probably not that. If the person is like me. I am always looking for new features and ways to do a full time job easier and more efficient. Wavelab without a doubt does this already but in my circumstance I am always looking to refine workflow and processes and spending money on new updates as an investment helps me save time with the aim of getting a better ROI.

Id love for the update cycles to be more regular, like every 6 months or something.

Actually I’m trying to save money. Almost 100€ for upgrade is still usefull for a mic or cables, an instrument fix, etc.
For my project the process would be much more simple using wavelab. I would not wait and start to learn using it if I knew the next upgrade is planed for after august.
By the way, Covid-19 response fund would be the last thing I would give money.

Have to agree with those folks asking why 11? I am always chasing that rare space of maturity and stability - especially when it comes to WL and delivering audio. And the current 10.0.70 is doing that just fine.

While “new and shiny” is always exciting - it’s not where I travel in my day to day.

I do agree it would be nice to have a more “regular” update schedule - but hopefully after 10 versions of WL - we are not lacking something so big that we have to hang around here every day waiting for PG to add something to the mix.



we are not lacking something so big that we have to hang around here every day waiting for PG to add something to the mix.

Good. In the same time, my goal is to make WaveLab 11 a must-have update :wink:


Any tell-tale signs of a release coming soon?

There sure are… Do a Google image search for “new in wavelab 11” (including the quotes). :slight_smile:

I took a vacation last week.

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popcorn time… :wink:

regards S-EH

Well done its here!!The Number One Mastering Software | WaveLab Pro 11 - YouTube

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Looks like there are a few new features.
What would be the upgrade price? anyone know?

It’s already live £85gbp from 10, worth it! the track lanes will make it really easy and cool to combine different version of a master together

thanks PG, team and steinberg


I´ve been thinking about the lanes for a while. Glad they made it in this version.


Any ETA on a demo for this? Want to see if the latency issues I have in W10 are better in W11 since it says enhanced handling of VST2/3 plugins (not sure what that entails specifically).