WaveLab 12 ARA2 with Nuendo 12 Is it work?

I noticed that the new version of Wavelab is supported as ARA 2 in Nuendo 13, why can’t I find it in Nuendo 12? This is still ARA 2, which also works in version 12. Does anyone have a similar problem? Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you

Because Nuendo has a hard-coded list of ARA compatible plugins, and of course, WaveLab ARA did not exist at that time.

Got you and thanks for the answer. What do you think - will Wavelab be added to version 12, or will only version 13 be a solution to this problem.

Ask on the Nuendo forum, because I have no idea.


So, has anyone heard whether or not Nuendo 12 will be updated to support all ARA2 related plugins? Or at least, their own products. I understand about what was said about the hard-coding in Nuendo 12 of ARA 2 plugins, so that begs the question: Is this the way that this is also handled in Cubase Pro 13 and Nuendo 13? It would seem to me that, if something comes out today, let’s say, would you also not be able to use it in versions 12 or versions 13 of the two software tools? It would seem to me that a hotfix is necessary and the code should be able to identify an ARA 2 plugin and simply support it. Why hard code? That’s a quick fix, but it’s limiting and Cubase Pro or Nuendo are big investments from a financial standpoint I certainly hope that Steinberg decides to do something about this and soon and quickly. Many of us, still using version 12 of their DAW products, ran out to purchase Wevlab 12 Pro, expecting ARA2 to work, and of course, it does not.

This question is more to ask on the Cubase or Nuendo forums.

Yeah, that makes sense, instead of on the Wavelab form.