Wavelab 12 as ARA2 in Cubase 12?

In the Wavelab Forum PG stated that Wavelab 12 does not work as an ARA 2 plugin in Cubase 12! I can’t believe this is true because Cubase 12 was praised for its ARA 2 support and indeed works flawlessly with Melodyne under ARA 2. Can you please confirm that Cubase 12 accepts Wavelab 12 as an ARA 2 plugin?

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Hi - I couldn’t believe this when I read it…

Went to the WL manual/webpage to confirm that C12 appears to be not supported.! That’s a big shame.

On to the WL forum to investigate further and found you’d already posted there and had an answer from the WL dev himself -

So my suggestion, sadly, is that your question/topic here should be for a ‘Feature request’ to provide an update to C12.0.70 that allows WL12 ARA2 plugin access.

Bummer… (can’t imagine anything will change on this any time soon for you mind…).

Having said that, they have in the past always released a final update, to the last major version to tidy up loose ends, some months after the release of the newest major version. Maybe, something to look out for come the summer.


I have turned this topic into a feature request and edited the topic title accordingly.

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That’s really disappointing. The ARA integration was the one reason I wanted to upgrade. In the preview video, the guy demonstrated it using Reaper, so you would have thought Cubase 12 would have been supported. I own Cubase 13, but I can’t use it, because the GUI is too tough on my eyes. Shame - but thanks Brandoni2013 for the discovery and saving me the update price.

Edit: I see in the manual it only suggests it’s not officially supported:
“Further audio applications with ARA (Audio Random Access) and VST 3 support, such as Soundforge and Sequoia, presumably run WaveLab ARA as well, but they have not been tested by Steinberg and are thus not officially supported.”

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There again, and to be fair, the ARA2 feature is only one part of the WL12 release… plenty of other new goodies in there besides; hope you don’t dismiss it all just yet.!

Yes, it is a feature-heavy release. I’m not a power user of Wavelab, though, and the ARA is the one feature that stood out above what I use Wavelab 11 for.

Dear Cubase developing team,
Many users for various reasons have decided not to upgrade to Cubase 13. They all are potential buyers for Wavelab 12 and many of them won’t buy if WL 12 is not supported as an ARA 2 plugin in their favorite Steinberg DAW ". So a hot fix update fur Cubase 12 is essential. As PG explained in the Wavelab Forum, Nuendo (and probably Cubase 12 too) have a hard-coded list of ARA compatible plugins, and of course, WaveLab ARA did not exist at that time. I assume, it should not be too difficult, to add Wavelab 12 to this list. I definitely would buy Wavelab 12 immediately after such a hot fix would be supplied - promised!

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@PG1 has confirmed that Nuendo 12 (and presumably, therefore, Cubase 12) has an embedded list of supported ARA2 plugins, which are the only ARA2 plugins that are recognised and which omits WaveLab ARA.

As you say, this omission will hopefully be resolved if there is one final bugfix release of Cubase 12 and Nuendo 12 to backport fixes from version 13.


Agreed this is a reasonable request. Would be classy of Steinberg to provide C12 and N12 users the ability to use WL12 as ARA! Go team Steinberg, you can do it!

Yes - if it means adding a plugin name to a list somewhere, surely they might consider releasing a suitably patched single file ‘hotfix’ update, with instructions where to drop it to overwrite existing.

It could be made downloadable from the SB site itself maybe, rather than having to go via SDA… or somesuch… Big, easy win… :smile:

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Another +1 for a final build of C12 that will work with WL12 ARA2. I cannot move to C13 until its GUI is sorted out, and maybe it never will, so in meantime I see this as a reasonable and valid ask of Steinberg.

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That happened in the past. Not anymore, it seems. I would like to see a return of that action. I think it has been at least two or three versions (probably more) since they offered an update for a previous version after a new one was released.

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Ok - yes, you’re quite right. I was a little optimistic with my recall of things… I went and checked; the last of these ‘roll-up’ type releases was back in March 2021 with C10.5.30 - four months after the C11.0.xx release. There wasn’t one for C11.x.xx cycle.


Ah, yes … I forgot about that one. I was thinking it had been even longer. I wish they would bring that behavior back. It just makes a customer feel like the company cares about current users who might not be ready to jump on a new version as soon as it’s released.

Anyway, back to the original topic I guess … :nerd_face:

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