Wavelab 12 Export - All Selected Tracks (Not working)

Hi there,

Forgive me if this has been submitted. I did a search and couldn’t find a similar issue.

When trying to export multiple files via the “All Selected Tracks” parameter in the Render Tab, Wavelab 12 is only recognizing what seems to be a random three tracks. Whether I have one track submitted, or all of them. It’s a bit caught up.

This feels like User Error, perhaps something has changed in the Render dialog? Has anyone else run into this when trying to Render Files out using the “All selected Tracks” option?


Quick Edit: This has been consistent across both a Mac, and Windows install.

Is this really what you want to export?
Isn’t it rather “All Titles” you want to export?

The term “Tracks” in WaveLab often refers to the Audio Tracks within an audio montage, and not CD/Album tracks as you might expect.

In WaveLab 12 you may be meaning to Render (not export) all the Titles of your montage as PG suggested if you’re trying to create a WAV and/or mp3 of each song for an album that you’re mastering within the Audio Montage.

@Justin_Perkins @PG1 Ahhh, Thank you for the replies! I will try that. In my case I’m mastering a bunch of SFX + Music for games so its 30-60 separate tracks of Audio (within an Audio Montage). Sorry for not clarifying that earlier.

Admittedly, I’m new to the Wavelab workflow but am loving the results so far. The difference here confused me as it didn’t behave the same way as 11.2, where I could “render” every track with the naming conventions intact from my import by having Wavelab render each track seperately and keep the track names (and my naming scheme) when I selected “All Selected Tracks”. I’ll look into the difference for “All Titles” Because that may be a better fit for my use case. Although I’m curious if folks have the same issue with Wavelab 12 not Rendering the tracks that are selected.

Really appreciate the feedback, thank you! I’ll let you know what happens.

Ah, sorry if my post was misleading then. I didn’t realize this is what you were doing and incorrectly assumed you were just mastering an album and were trying to render a WAV file of each album track.

I don’t think my info is relevant to what you are trying to do.