WaveLab 12 Metada Improvement?

I have and am still searching for information regarding WaveLab 12 Metadata operation improvement specifically dealing with importing metadata file information that is created to accompany mastering projects. If you have spotted any such information please let me know, I am ready to upgrade.

Thanks in Advance.

Check this…

regards S-EH

I think they were asking for info on improvements in this update.

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There’s no real improvement to metadata in WaveLab 12 that I recall. That said, I think it’s already pretty great and doesn’t really need improvement.

Basically, you enter the info one time and the metadata, CD-Text, and other info related to the montage (such as track number/track total) is pushed to any and all formats that you render so everything is cohesive… It’s somewhat customizable so there are a few ways to do it, and you can of course save Metadata Presets which can be saved as part of new Audio Montage Presets so it’s all pretty automatic once you set it up.

This, combined with Render Presets make for a very powerful combo for rendering master files that are flush with metadata and named as you want, and is a HUGE reason of why I use WaveLab for mastering. Enter the info once, and it goes to any and all formats.

It can be a little confusing to set up at first, but once you get it set up, it’s pretty set it and forget it.

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That’s right, except for BWF timeline reference and date/time stamps.


Actually … and this is possibly the only time I think I have ever had a different view to you on anything … it can definitely be enhanced.

Specifically, this week alone I have already had two album projects where ISRCs were simply not available until after the whole project has been completed. This is because the label team either hadn’t generated them or didn’t send them through. In one, the single’s title was even changed.

In this scenario (not uncommon in my and I am sure some others’ world) a Sonoris style one button ‘push’ to populate wav files would be a godsend.

If I have missed something obvious, please let me know.

I could see a more simplified point of entry and overview of the entered data for a future version, and perhaps ability to inject CD-Text Info and/or Marker Names via a .csv file (I think HOFA might be able to do this now) but for the most part, I love how the metadata works in WaveLab Pro.

Data is easily entered one time, and pushed everywhere. With careful planning and naming of the montage, and source file names, it’s even easier.

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I’ve heard that Sonoris can update CD-Text info in a DDP without having to write the audio portion again, which could be useful.

I’m not familiar with it enough know about how/if it can edit metadata in existing WAV files but to me, that just sounds like a metadata editor.

I own Sonoris DDP Creator Pro but haven’t installed it in years.

The issue is careful planning and naming isn’t always possible … but I am beyond grateful to have the support of labels and managers so if this is the price, I’m more than happy to pay it.

Yeah. I try to make the naming and titles part of the mastering approval process, and for 99% of projects it’s no issue here.

That said, when there is a change, I prefer to fix it at the source so that it gets archived that way should we have to open the master montage again in the future.

Maybe somebody could start a metadata improvement thread if they think something could be better.

My whole point was that I think it’s already very good, but admit that it can be confusing to set up at first which could lead to thinking that it’s not as powerful and comprehensive as it really is…not to mention easy once you get some settings and presets dialed in.

The original poster didn’t really state exactly what type of improvements they were looking for:

  1. New Features
  2. Easier Usage
  3. Something Else

Importing information would require some kind of standardized format or .csv template to have pre-filled out.

I personally think getting the info and copying/pasting it directly in is essentially as fast as somehow preparing a .csv first to be imported, but I do see an argument for ability to do a .csv import of data in some fashion if that’s what the user prefers.

Yes … to be clear, if we have the details in advance, WL cannot be beaten on meta data.

I was thinking about the Sonoris ISRC Editor actually.

Anyway … back to more important things you guys need to focus on post WL12 launch.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Justin, thank you for your input. What I am looking for is exactly what you mentioned

Being that when you save metadata in WL, the files are saved to a proprietary folder and file format. Retrieving and backing up those is a stretch. Large projects would not take as long as they do now and clients would be able to receive and fill the template (the grunt work) ISRC and plain old “blah blah blah” but pertinent project information.

That would take heavy duty liability off our hands, and would allow to mostly or maybe even 100% do what we primarily do.

Exactly this “Marker Names” is possible now in WL12 :wink:
in Markers/Functions/Import Marker “Import Markers from CSV File”

regards S-EH

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I assumed this was to create the markers. I guess I was referring to populating the names certain fields (Marker Name, CD-Text Track Name, Album Title, Artist Name, etc.)

Anyway, I love to work fast, and hate to work slowly and the way that WaveLab currently operates is great in my opinion, especially once you get some settings dialed in and part of your new montage template.

I’ve seen some grumblings about metadata implementation not being possible or good.

Again, I will say that it’s a little confusing at first but also very “set it and forget it” once you spend some time with it, and you need the Pro version, not Elements.

While HOFA (and maybe others) might have some more elegant features for getting info injected, it’s my opinion that it’s not worth the other sacrifices made by not working in WaveLab Pro.

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Yes it is for markers but maybe can be useful anyway.


regards S-EH