Wavelab 12 Metadata Missing

Hi All,
After rendering, not all the tracks have the metadata embedded.
The metadata is visible in the tab Album → Metadata, but not in the Metadata tab.

How can I get this right?

See examples below


What audio format are you using?

regards S-EH

I am using 48kHz - 24 bits

MP3, WAV e.t.c
I mean Audio File Format…

regards S-EH

The metadata tab concerns the “future” metadata in the rendered files. For instance, @CdTextTrackTitle@ cannot be displayed because the album contains multiple titles. However, if you render your title(s), the rendered file will display the metadata.

The other window, on the other hand, uses the title as context (you can navigate among them), which means the future metadata can already be displayed.

Therefore, everything you are observing is normal.

@S-EHansson I am using wav files.
@PG1 when the files are rendered not every track has the metadata embedded?
For example: tracks 1-2 have metadata but tracks 3-6 don’t,…

I guess you mean “titles” and not tracks", which is the new nomenclatura for WaveLab 12.
There is no reason to have missing metadata, no known bug in this domain.
Double check your data fields.

Data for every title is correct. (See picture 2).
When I check the metadata of the album everthing is filled in.

When I check with VLC player, some titles are missing metadata.

How do you render exactly? WaveLab does not exclude metadata randomly, hence there must be something wrong or missing in your procedure.

And when you check each rendered file within WaveLab?

I render All Marked Regions/Titles through the Mastersection.

And when you check each rendered file within WaveLab?

In Wavelab there is metadata.

For example, same rendering, same album but not metadata on every title.
Titel 2

Title 3


So, the problem is not with WaveLab but with your external metadata visualizer, no?

I hope so.
I will try another one tomorrow.
Any advice for a good metadata visualizer?

A free and complete too is mediainfo.


Also, Metadata can disappear or appear cropped in some players if you use non-ASCII characters.
Accentuated characters or special national characters may cause “cropping” or wrong display in some players.

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Thank you PG1, I will try it today

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