Wavelab 4.0 Limiting MP3 downloads

I am downloading MP3s from Cuebase to Wavelab 4.0 (version about 20 years old) I’m getting a notice that I only have 16 downloads left and need to update. However, no update is available for this old software. Is there a work-around to keep the MP3 downloads working?

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WaveLab 4.0 was released at a time when MP3 was still patented, ie. everybody had to pay a licence fee if they wanted to provide MP3 encoding. The free (or trial) version of this encoder allowed you to do (searching my memory here…) 25 encodings. That is the counter you see.
If you have a more modern version of Cubase it has an unlimited MP3 endocder built-in, so you could export your audio as MP3 in Cubase.
Alternatively, since the patent has run out, you can find free MP3 encoders on the internet to download, such as LAME.

NB: You are not “downloading” MP3s from Cubase to Wavelab. You do something else but it is not downloading.

Thanks Johnny, Well my other choice would be to mix it as a wave file as I have been doing, and converting it to 360 MP3. Do you know if there would be additional loss doing it that way? (Other than the loss from using an MP3 instead of a wave.)

I do know. There is no loss as that is exactly what happens if you encode to MP3 anyways. It is always something like a wave file first (just invisible to you). So go ahead with your solution.

You could also send the wave file from Cubase to Wavelab, Then make your adjustments there and import that altered wave file back into Cubase in order to encode it.

Sounds good Johnny. Thanks for your help.

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