Wavelab 4 - When i click to open a Wave file, the software crash (quit) in 1 second

I got win 10 with AMD High Definition Audio Device sound card. (Ram 16 G)
I’m using a very old Wavelab 4 .

so, when i go for open a Wave file, the software crash (quit) in 1 second.

BUT, if i go directly in the folder to find that file, when i open it with Wavelab, Wavelab opens and all is working fine.

So for the momenti i can manage this situation in this way…

Thank you for your suggestions…

Update to WL 11.2

Wavelab 11.2?
ok. im sure if i have a new version it will fine.
I’m sure.
I know this myself : )

Sorry WaveLab 4 is to old for your Windows 10
and it’s not supported by Steinberg
so go for Thomas_W_Bethel advice update/upgrade WL …

regards S-EH

Ah ok… thank you…
the point is i would like to use a version very similar to the version4 , or almost the same,
also because in Wavelab 4/5/6 there are some incredible plugins like the fantastic "Loudness maximizer"so i still want to use it…
Also for this reason i still apreciate the old versions of Wavlab…

PS actually with Wavelab 4 i got ONLY that problem using win10…
all the rest works fine…

Well, the newest version of Wavelab also comes with a bunch of plugins and functions. Although I cannot compare to Wavelab 4 (as I have never used it), I would think that you can find a good alternative in the new one.

If you want to keep Wavelab 4, you could at least try to run it in compatibility mode for an older Windows version:

Thank you very much for your advice…
i will manage in the ways like you say… : )
Also because i I just found out i CAN’T save!
If i save a file, wavelab quit! : (((((
This is a problem.

PS While i try to resolve all, just for tell you, this in the picture is the plug in “Loudness maximizer” .in in my opinion even if is very old, is still wonderfull and works in a magic way:

Also if probably Steimberg in the last years released also a better one… i dont know this…


Mixing old software with new technology never, IMHO, works well and there are always problems…some of which may not be good for your projects.

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yes. i agree… actually what i’m doing is not really ractional, but the emotive reason is i dont want loose a work routine with what I know well.
Getting used to the old interface that I know well, I don’t have time to learn a new one and beyond that, there’s that plug in (loudness mazimizer) which maybe it’s no longer available but for me is still a very important element that I use a lot .
ps probably i can search a little more new version of Wavelab… maybe also free…
I dont know wavelab 6,7,8…?

is possibile to get it free?

Use an older computer running Windows 7 and a USB interface so you can run your favorite plugins?
Upgrade to WL6.5 that will run on Windows 10 and was a very stable WL version. Not sure what plugins came with WL6.5, it has been a while.
Best of luck!!!

Ahh thanks :slight_smile:
I can also try that way…

PS do you think i can find and download that version of Wavelab for free? (6.5)

I would check here WaveLab Users Group | Facebook

I did a fast check on the internet and was unable to find a copy for free…

Mmm… intereesting… now i go there and i will try too…

PS i dont think it helps me the fact i have the original cd of Wavelab4…
Yes… ? :sweat_smile:

I think you are trying to mix old software with a newer computer and it is not working. My suggestions would be to a) use an older computer with Wavelab 4 or b) update to Wavelab 11.2 on your current computer. I had WL 6.5 running on my Windows 10 computer so I know it works. I do not remember if it included the plugin you are wanting to use…Best of Luck!

Yes Thomas,
Thank you.
i will try to find WL 6,5.

Anyway its a pity because some mounthes ago before i format my computer, when i was using my Wl4 i did not got any problems with Win10.

Maybe some little details after the new installation became fatal and i so now when i’m using WL i can’t save my files anymore and the program quits…
Sometime the devil is in the little details in the O.S or in some covered hardware labirintos… :sweat_smile: