Wavelab 5 and Win 7 64

I’ve seen limited info on wavelab 5 and win 7. I just got a new computer and wl 5 is crashing it without even opeining. Any ideas for patches out there. Thanks, AD

Sorry, but WaveLab 5 was never tested on Windows 7.

It seemed to be working OK on my Win7-64… I could open the program and load a wave file, but if I tried to edit or process the file in any way, WL5 would immediately close. I purchased WL Elements 7. When trying to uninstall WL5, Win7-64 says it cant be uninstalled because it’s not compatible. (Wish Win7 would have told me this on install)
Anyway, I manually uninstalled WL5 as best I could. So, no WL5 doesn’t work with Win7-64.

While using Windows 7, my Wavelab Essential program (stand alone) would crash as soon as I would try to import an audio file for editing/processing. But when I assigned Wavelab as the external editor in Cubase, and then launch Wavelab from inside of Cubase, audio files can be edited and processed normally with no Wavelab crashes or closings. Have you guys tried it? It’s working for me. :slight_smile: