Wavelab 6.1 (VERY SLOW TIME STRECH) (low cpu usage)


Im trying to use Time Stretch on a track, and it does work beautifully in the end. but its SUPER ULTRA slow.

Im using it on a track atm thats about 9 minutes long, and its taking 3 hours to complete on the highest quality setting with (++ complex mixes) selected. This yields by far the best output, but it takes like a million years.

The cpu usage is ONE CORE ONLY and only at 17%???
Is there a way to make the software use all my cores??? Or at the very least, make it use ALL avaliable cpu power? why is it stuck on 17%???


The newer versions have greatly improved time stretching, both in terms of quality and system resource usage.

Comparing the two using same settings (Preserve Pitch, Freq Loc ++, Best, Result Factor 95%), Wavelab 9 seems to do the timestretch about 6 times faster than Wavelab 6. CPU 57% with both Wavelab versions here on a not very powerful computer. You might want to try a demo of Wavelab 9.

Nice ill get the elements version of 9. I hope it’s OK even though my current 6.1 is the full version. I only get 5 master slots with elements though that might become a problem…

hello friends.

i just got my new stuff. cubase 9.5 and UR22 mk2.

i got the latest Wavelab Pro trial, and ITS STILL JUST using 17% of my cpu.
Granted, the time stretch is much much faster than 6.1, but still capped at 17%. Thats just wierd.

Maybe I’m wrong but that sounds correct to me if you have a more powerful computer than I was testing on (mine using 57% cpu). The timestretch is just running in one process is my understanding, so can’t be split across cores, so the 17% not changing sounds normal to me. But someone more expert might want to comment. The good thing is it’s much faster in both our cases, on slow computer with a couple cores (mine) and fast computer with more cores (yours).

I forgot to ask. How many cores do you have? 6 or 8? I’d still need an expert to confirm my assumptions, but if the timestretch process is running in one core, 100%/8 = 12.5% and 100%/6 = 16.6%, so 17% sounds reasonable.

Yes you are absolutely correct, it’s just using 1 core. :slight_smile: i have six :slight_smile: