Wavelab 6 and Cubase5 won't work after PC upgrade

Hi, I use Cubase 5 and Wavelab 6. I moved house and my studio wasn’t powered so was unused for several years. On powering up the Pc was faulty. I bought a new PC - now with Windows 11 and cloned my hard-drive over. Neither Cubase or Wavelab will work - says it’s missing files. Doesn’t work with my old HD direct either. Any clues please?

Welcome Paul,

I am rather certain that the older versions of Cubase are not going to work with Windows 11. Maybe you can contact tech support, but unfortunately, it is my guess, Maybe Steve or Martin can chime in here, but unfortunately it is my guess, that you are going to need to upgrade. the good news is that the upgrade to 11 will get you 12.

Yeah there is no way things of that vintage could be compiled with operating systems that didn’t exsist for years to come. Does Windows 11 allow you to install in compatability mode like Windows 7 and 10 did? This link might help:

What OS did you have on your old pc? I can’t see cloning working anyway. You would have to try installing the software and use backwards compatible mode. I still don’t see this working but worth a shot. I think it’s time to upgrade Cubase and Wavelab

Thanks for your reply.

My intention is to upgrade but I thought I would need a working copy on my PC to update.

My old system was running Win 7 I recall.

Is Cubase 10 or 11 compatible with Win 11?



You don’t need a working copy on your PC to upgrade. You only need the licenses (in your USB key) and elicenser software installed .