Wavelab 6 and earlier: CD/DVD writer issues

For any version of WaveLab 6

If you are experiencing problems (and only in this case) with cd burning or cd grabbing, please use the new aspi driver. The patch should always be applied after any WaveLab 6 patch. If you reapply a WaveLab 6 patch, the existing aspi driver will be overwritten. Please find more information about the new aspi driver in the aspi.txt document, which is installed in the WaveLab help folder.

For earlier WaveLab versions:

If you experience any issues trying to burn a CD/DVD, please have a look at this knowledge base article.

If your CD/DVD drives are not accessible in Windows anymore and are not even listed as available devices, please have a look at this article.

If you use a restricted user account and try to write a CD/DVD, please keep this in mind.