Wavelab 6 Loudness Normalizer (Statistics)

Loudness Normaliser (Statistics) Screenshot.jpg
I wonder if anyone can help please?
I am registered blind, but have a small amount of useful vision.
I use a Windows 7 black theme for Wavelab 6 to view things more easily.
Once a wave is open, I go to Loudness Normalizer and select the Statistics. The window opens and I see all the data fields displayed normally in white text (on a black background).
But the actual values are displayed in dark blue, almost black.
You can see by the screenshot.
I have to go out of high contrast to see the values and then back to high contrast to continue.

Any ideas how I can correct this?
I’ve looked extensively online, but to no avail.
Many thanks Jeff

On mine, if you left click and drag to shade the whole dialogue box, they become bright yellow …