Wavelab 6 message "quit all applications using a dongle...

I try to install Wavelab 6 on a Windows 7 64 bit version. This message appear " Please, quit all applications using a dongle…" I have remove the dongle but the same message appear…


just click OK or cancel and continue with the installation . My interpretation is that this is just a safety warning i.e. that the installer doesn’t actually know whether you unplugged your dongle or not- it just wants to make sure there’s no confusion with multiple dongles during the installation. I hope that helps and that I’ve understood your question correctly.


Did you ever get round this issue? If so, did you do anything else to get it installed? I keep clicking on the ‘ok’ when I get the message about removing the dongle (when I don’t have a dongle plugged-in), but it just keeps appearing and the installer is not installing Wavelab.



Any resolution on this?? I get the same error and it won’t go away either…
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Wavelab was crashing a lot upon program startup and so I decided to uninstall/ reinstall and I have the same problem with this pop-up. Keeps reappearing. I restarted my laptop PC, and even unplugged my AC adapter.

HP Laptop
Windows 7 64 bit
Intel i7 2.4 Ghz
8 Gb RAM

Are you using the latest installer 6.1.1 ? If not you should download it.

and/or delete the wavelab preferences in your User hidden folder AppData

and/or update the elicenser software