Wavelab 6 on Win7 x64 Enterprise - Error - OK to resume

I really need to get Wavelab 6 running on Win7 x64 Enterprise.

I’ve installed the latest v6.1.1. Every time i launch it I get the message

OK to resume

and then wavelab disappears whatever i click.

any ideas?

Don’t know about Enterprise but it works ok here on Win 7 64 Pro. Have you installed the latest elicenser software?

all who have at boot wavelab also an error ok to resume, you should try to do the following:
go to the Advanced System Settings, then the Advanced menu, Performance - parameters DEP below and add to the exceptions wavelab Data Execution DEP.

[Thank you so much I want to say a man named Andrew Fa, also known as EDGE, for their help with the decision of this trouble]

I’ve installed the latest v6.1.1.

Hello there,
I think the old version is better than the latest version.
:ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: