Wavelab 6 on windows 10

Hello everybody,
I can´t install Wavelab 6 from my original WAVELAB 6 CD-ROM.
Any info what to do?
Is it possible tu upgrade to a version that works on Windows 10?
Thanks for every reply, best, Hans Peter Ebner

hi Peter

you can update in the steinberg shop

all the old update files are also available on the steinberg website…I’m not sure if v6 will actually work on W10

Thanks Dr. Strangelove,
the funny thing is that WAVELAB 3 works in some way on Windows 10.
Best, Hans Peter

WaveLab 6 can run on WaveLab 10. But I don’t know about the installer, either CD burning.
I mean, it will work if you copy the WaveLab 6 application folder from your old Windows.
But it’s maybe time to switch to WaveLab 10 anyway :wink:

Thanks for the information, best, Hans Peter