Wavelab 6 pitch shift changes length

I am a long-time Cubase and Wavelab user. So long-time, Steinberg deleted my forum ID from inactivity, so I re-registered today. No worries.

Don’t laugh but I am currently using Wavelab 6.00a build 285 (for WinXP). I have found that using the pitch shift feature with this version DEFINITELY changes the file size and the timing. This is true regardless of the options on the pitch shift panel, like the DIRAC processor or whether I specify 100 for length preservation. I previously used Wavelab 3 and did tons and tons of pitch work and never saw this problem, ever! Also, maybe I’m missing something, but why would anyone want the length and audio timing to change when pitch is altered anyway? - just a rhetorical question.

Is it possible that what I have described above is a known problem in Wavelab 6? If so, is there an update I can apply to fix it? I know someone will likely say I should upgrade. But note, I didn’t see this problem in Wavelab 3.

You could try the latest version, 6.1.1 :
Have you tried different program material, and different amount of pitch change?

Okay bob99, I will try the latest version. Thanks so much! Yes, I have tried W6 pitch shifting with several different projects. Small adjustments (+/- 10 cents) on phrases (5-10 seconds long) create imperceptible timing problems. But the longer the audio selection or the greater the pitch adjustment, the timing problems are bad, and they just get progressively worse as the track goes on. For example, a 9-minute piano track adjusted for about 30 cents (don’t ask me why) causes major sync problems with other tracks. I learned the work-around is to do the adjustment on small contiguous segments of audio rather than the whole track at once. But, that’s a pain. With W3, I made similar pitch changes and never noticed timing problems.