WaveLab 7.1 Update available

Steinberg today releases a new version of its WaveLab 7 editing and mastering solution. The 7.1 versions of WaveLab and WaveLab Elements include an array of more than 60 new features and improvements. Among them is the new DIRAC 3 time-stretch algorithm, the support for the FLAC file format, the new VST 3 Stereo Tools plug-in and numerous enhancements, making the overall WaveLab workflow experience even more convenient.

In addition to the improvements, extensive product maintenance has been conducted. Known issues in program areas such as Audio Editing, Audio Montage, CD burning, CD grabbing, Master section and many more have been fixed, which lets WaveLab become even more stable and reliable in day-to-day production situations.

The 7.1 update can be downloaded free of charge from the Steinberg support website.

WaveLab 7.1 download
WaveLab Elements 7.1 download