WaveLab Patch available

the hot fix for wl 7.2 is on steinbergs updates website for download.
thought, let’s have a look there, maybe, who knows…and there it was.

directX plugins are renderable again. even the stoneaged q-metric plugin is working.
thanks PG

Thanks! Downloading now…



We may install this fresh? without a previous install? or is this an actual “patch”… Thanks!

P.S. Thanks PG for the timely fixes :smiley:

Each version is always a full installer.

Luck, Arjan

Thanks for the quick update PG!

Plugin window behavior is much better now with 3rd party plugins.

For some reason, the meters on my master section seem to be slightly ahead now, something I can’t say I noticed before. This happens with no plugins inserted anywhere.

Is anybody else having this since the 7.2.1 update?