WaveLab 7.2 free update released

Dear forum members,

I’m happy to announce that the WaveLab 7.2 update is now available as free download. The 7.2 update provides seamlessly integrated remote control support for Steinberg’s advanced CI, CMC and CC121 models and also supports up to three MIDI-compatible hardware devices. Other highlights include 64-bit versions for Mac and Windows platforms, an Export-to-SoundCloud function, an updated version of the Dirac 3.5 time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithm and several workflow and user interface improvements.

Features (selection) at a glance:
• WaveLab 7.2 comes with a comprehensive remote control support for CC121, CI series, CMC and others*
• The WaveLab family is now available in 64-bit versions for Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7 platforms
• WaveLab 7.2 comes with a new optional start up dialog**
• DIRAC 3.5 - The latest version of the award-winning Dirac timestretching algorithm
• Direct Upload-to-SoundCloud functionality - share your music with people around the world
• WaveLab 7.2 features an enhanced DDP file workflow**
• Easily create and name markers and regions in your project**
• WaveLab’s “Save As” function now includes a useful “Save Copy” option
• Improvements with regards to the CD Wizard and CD tool window
• Several workflow improvements and fixed issues (please see version history)

*limited feature in WaveLab Elements 7.2
**only in WaveLab 7.2, not available in WaveLab Elements 7.2

Learn more about WaveLab 7.2 features: new features in WaveLab 7.2

The update is available free of charge from the Steinberg website:
WaveLab 7.2 update download
WaveLab Elements 7.2 update download

Have fun!


Awesome update!

Any “gotcha’s” or things we need to know to make an existing 32bit install into a shiny new 64 bit one?


The only things to be aware of, is that with 64 bit version, your 32 bit plugins won’t be available.

I guess I was meaning - does WL Setup gentle guide me thru it or does it install both, remove the old one or what?


Just install. Nothing to remove before.

So I will have both a 32bit and 64bit version installed - side by side?

What I if I want to ditch the 32bit completely and just move forward with 64bit?


You can simply delete the WaveLab folder that contains the 32 bit version (simple and safe).
Or use the uninstaller (but in this case, better do this before installing the 64 bit version).

What happens if I try to install with Snow Leopard and not with Lion?
Will 32bit still work?
Will 64bit work?

You can use Snow Leopard without problem.
32 bit or 64 bit both work.

super sweet!

Any info on how to use the CMC controllers? Other than volume from the CH, nothing is responding and I don’t see where to configure operations.

To know the mapping of a Device like CMC, go to menu Options > Remote Control Device
Then you can visualize all settings. You can even filter them with the option “Only display assignements”.

is there a proper “version history” pdf - the one on the SB website just seems to have a few random fixes ?

is the “error creating peak files when opening” - http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7748 - fixed ?

The history lists most of the fixes concerning bugs that were publicly reported. In practise, more bugs were fixed.
For new features, you get a good overview there:
Some other features, like new menus on the Mac (icons) are obvious when trying the version. Also, I think you will find the UI more reactive, espescially on the Mac.

Concerning the issue “error creating peak files when opening”, this issue could never be reproduced. But the code was modified slightly. So please try again, if you are affected.