Wavelab 7 64 bit Version Not working with Windows 10 64 bit


I’ve installed Wavelab 7 on my laptop running Windows 10 64bit O/S.

I installed using installer which just installs 32 bit version of Wavelab. This works as expected.

I then installed the latest update patcher for both 32bit & 64bit versions.

The 32bit version works as expected although the installer hung at the end. The 64bit will not start and Windows gives me the option of sending a report to Microsoft.

Both versions were installed to be used by all users.

Maybe PG or any other support person could comment if Wavelab 7 64bit should work with Windows 10 64bit or if a patch will be issued.

The compatibility chart shows WL 7 LE should work.

Thanks in advance.

Wavelab 7 working here on Windows 10. Did you install the Wavelab 7.2.1 Win 8 64bit patch? http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/WaveLab_7/

Thank you so much BJ. :smiley:

Previously I found a link to the patch on another page of the WL forum but the link was dead on the Steinberg site so I assumed incorrectly that the update had been withdrawn.

Your link to the file on the download server got me up and running. I’ll look directly at the downloads next time.


I can’t import audio tracks from a CD (Utility - Import audio tracks from CD) in WaveLab 7 64 bit.
Hp Envy i7 , Windows 10 64 bit.
Can someone help me ?
Thanks in advance

Do you mean Wavelab doesn’t see your CD drive at all, or that the import fails in some other way?

Thank you.
Yes, WaveLab don’t see the Cd drive.

I think the standard solution is to install the Gear driver installer x86 x64:

If that doesn’t help, you might have to run the checker for 64bit on this page:
(although the checker might not be applicable to Windows 10, but worth a try).

Problem solved.
Thank you very much.

Hi BJ,
I’ve just come back to WL7 after 12 months,
and have not kept uptodate with the forum.
Are you saying that the wl7-2-1.win8-patch64.exe
has to be run on wl7.2.1 before installing windows 10.

I’ve just done the windows 10 upgrade to my WIN 7 64 bit system.
I I then ran the 7.2.1 WIN 8 patch64.exe which seemed like a large install.
When I try to start Wavelab, it instantly halts with the message:

‘The program can’t start because WMVcore.DLL is missing from your computer.
Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem’.

I reinstalled the 7.2.1 patch, but the problem persists.
Is this .DLL part of Wavelab, or has Win10 install killed it.
If it is Win10 problem, could someone please tell me where to
find it, and where to put it.

You need to install Windows Media Player on your system.

Thanks PG. i’ll try that this weekend. Is it possible to download Media Player
and install it in WIN10.

I’m giving up trying WL7 install on WIN10.
I am going to do a new clean system install from a WIN 10 PRO DVD
to get a clean machine for all my software.
I am then intend to buy the WL7 to WL9PRO upgrade for £147.00.
Question. How will WL9 upgrade check that I am a licensed WL7 user.
I have the WL6 DVD, but all the upgrades to WL7 were purchased as
downloads, not DVDs.
Will I have to install WL7 again, which also asks for the WL6 DVD to be read
to prove that you are a registered user.
By the way, Cubase 7.5 works perfectly on WIN10.

Your wl7 dongle is the link.

Please see this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3099229

WL7 works fine for me. I also had a problem until I installed the 8.1 patch.

Thank you PG. I thought there must be a workable solution
for people changing their system to a new machine.

Have the same problem, cannot start Wavelab7 64bit in Windows 10. Downloaded the patch but when I installed it I get the error message and had to roll back. Please see attachment.

According to the error message, a missing pdf file aborted the installation? I have tried reinstalling the 64bit program many time but still get this message on installing the patch. Can anyone help?
Wavelab error.png