WaveLab 7(64bit) on Win7(64bit) cannot use 32bit plugins

By starting up the program, Wavelab scans the definated folder and I can see the plugins will be scanned.
But afterwards they are not shown up in the Racklist.

Is there any VST-bridge installed?

Do i have to install also the 32bit version for to use them?

Any idea or workaround?


I think you need to insall the 32bit version of WL. Besides, I don’t know that there is any advantage in installing the 64bit version (except, using 64bit only plugins), someone correct me if I’m wrong :wink:.


Mauri is correct. WL 64 has no support for any 32bit plugins and there is no “bridge” concept either. You will need to fall back to WL 32 bit to use any 32bit plugs.


or you can use jBridge

@bgor - thank you for the tip.
I’ve ordered jbridge now.
How can i install jbridge?
Could you possibly help me, please?

here you go, example for 32bit Powercore plugins…

  1. install jBridge. It installs in C:\Program Files\JBridge
  2. make a new folder (eg. Jbridge_plugs) in C:\Program Files\JBridge (C:\Program Files\JBridge\Jbridge_plugs)
  3. start jBridger (jBridger.exe)
  4. click on button “I’ll be using a x64 (64bit) host”
  5. you can leave all checkboxes on default value and click button “Create bridging files … HIGHLY recommended”
  6. navigate to your 32bit plugins directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins\PowerCore) and click OK
  7. select your jBridge_plugs folder from step 2 and click “Make New Folder” and write PowerCore_64bit-jBridge
  8. select that new folder and click OK. jBridger will create all necessary files.
  9. start Wavelab 64bit and go to menu “Options - VST Plug-in settings…”
  10. change “Optional extra VST plug-in folder (Wavelab specific)” to the folder from step 2 (C:\Program Files\JBridge\Jbridge_plugs)
  11. click on button “Force plug-in detection at nextb launch”
  12. restart Wavelab and start using your 32bit plugins in Wavelab 64bit :wink:

PS you might want to organize your plugins with “Plug-in organization…” option in Wavelab.

*** in addition…
you can put your jBridge plugin folder into the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins. You can avoid optional extra VST plugin folder administration.

@bgor > You are the best!!!

Thank you so much much for this detailed guide. :smiley:


Can I ask the question why anyone would want to use 32-bit plugins with 64-bit WaveLab 7?

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of WaveLab 7.2 can be installed simultaneously. If I want to use 32-bit plugins, I run the 32-bit version of WaveLab 7.2; everything works as before.

My specific reason for installing the 64-bit version of WaveLab 7.2 is because I start it from within Cubase 6 x64 sometimes.

Either way, I will still keep the 32-bit version of WaveLab 7,2 installed because I also start that from within Vegas, which is still 32-bit-only.

Agreed. While I totally understand the “tidiness factor” aka - “I want to have all 64 bit apps on my machine”…there is no benefit or advantage in any way in running a 64 bit version of WL. You get nothing from a speed angle and if anything - it’s a detriment for the very reason that certain plugs cannot be used.

While I must admit - I thought about it - I am going to refrain from installing the 64bit version for now - since WL 32bit flies on Windows 7 x64 and I cannot deal with any plugin issues :slight_smile:

Sony Vegas has been 64 bit for a long while…:slight_smile:



Thanks for the tip … I only have the Movie Studio version which AFAIK is 32-bit only; I’ve thought about upgrading but I really can’t justify the expense based on my occasional video work!