Wavelab 7 activation

Dear All,

I have bought the Zoom and get the WaveLab LE 7 and lost my zoom handy racorder H1 recorder. Now, bought again another zoom H1 which offers Wavelab LE 8. I have e-license for Wavelab7 ( registered with my old computer Windows 7). . Now, i want to activate the Wavelab LE 8 and new computer (on my widnows 10). The screen shot below is my new computer. Please advise how to get activation code or what is next step to get Wavelab LE 8 :unamused:

Thanks a lot.


Any thoughts welcome. Please…

Was there an activation code included with the new Zoom, or a procedure outlined to get one? If so, can you just enter that code in the elicenser control center? Or if it gave you a download access code, you could enter that in your online account.

If you need to download the latest version of LE8 later you should be able to get it from the Steinberg downloads page. http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads.html

No activation code. Download access given for LE 7 in Zoom takes to Steinberg website… which gives link to download LE8. Not sure, how to solve this. At present using audacity. It is also good for my podcasting.
Thanks Bob for your reply. The support is not great for LE products. :frowning:

Sorry I’m confused. I guess there’s no Wavelab LE8 activation code printed in your new Zoom materials, but there should be a download access code printed in there somewhere (?) that would allow you to enter the download access code on your account page on your new computer (like in your h2 picture) and get a Wavelab LE8 installer and soft license for LE8 on your new computer? I thought that’s what you wanted, so I guess I don’t understand the problem. Would contacting Zoom support or Steinberg support help?

Have you installed the elicenser software on your new computer?