Wavelab 7 and Master Section Presets - Question

I do a lot of work with Wavelab 7 where I tweak effects in Master Section and then Save the Master Section Preset. I love the fact that with single click (or should I say 2 clicks) I can Store Master Section Preset along Audio file…
This is great, however this does not work if I move my audio files to another computer, which has the same plugins installed. Secondly, I cannot locate that Master Section file anywhere. It seems that it’s embedded within the MetaData of the Audio itself (I can be wrong here), but it only works on the computer on which the Master Section preset was created originally.

I can save a Master Section Preset, by going through the Save As, on Master Section, but this is more cumbersome. Also I cannot save the Preset to my specific location, which means that I have to move the file physically to the folder where I’d like to keep that file.

The ideal solution for me would be for the “Save Master Section Preset along Audio file…” option to write a Master Section Preset at the same location as the Wave File itself, or for me to be able to open the embedded Master Section Preset on different computer, and not only on the one which I’m using at the moment.

Any opinions on this subject? Thanks!

This is possible. Use the following settings:
The Master Section preset is stored in the file with the same name as the audio file, but with the .vs" extension added.

For Audio Montage, this is different: the preset is stored inside the .mon file.

Thanks PG.
This answers my question. Thank you!!!