Wavelab 7 Audio Montage CD burning

OK… I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant.
I’ve been using Wavelab since day one. I love it. I’ve pushed it & sold it to many studios, without taking profit (as a legal distributor of Steinberg products before going to Yamaha)
Then 6 came out, which gave me CD burning headaches to no end. Steinberg Canada couldn’t figure it out, still can’t. Philippe couldn’t figure it out. Now I know I’m in trouble!
I bought 7.
Now I wasn’t expecting a complete reconfiguration of Wavelab. I’m sorry, but my brain just cannot grasp all the new windows, the hidden menus and so on. I can’t stand it. I’ve endured it for over a year now, but I usually defer to 6 until it’s time to burn
My CD burning problems were limited to WL6. (Which I had on two different machines, one on XP the other 7) Until today… I’m trying to burn a master CD for duplication with WL7, as I’ve been doing for over 12 years. I need it to be CD extra. I’ve done this before, 10 times per year. Today, I burned 3 CDs with the optional CD extra button activated. Yet it finalizes them every time. Boot, re-boot, reset… name it. NOTHING WORKS. I redid my audio montage on WL6… but as usual, when I press the burn button, WL6 freezes. Only this time, it’s every time. So I’m stuck trying to burn a master CD that needs to be sent off tomorrow, but I cannot burn it on either WL6 or WL7. I don’t have time for this…
Has anyone encountered this before?
Does anyone know of another CD burning soft that’s viable & worth learning?
ANy thoughts would be appreciated

Many thanks

My CD/DVD burner is a Plextor, and the CD-extra function worked like a charm 'til now.
I’ve installed 7.1 hoping it would fix the problem but it hasn’t. Booted down, tried with WL6 again but as usual, it froze.

WL6 doesn’t burn CDs, it freezes everytime, almost always has no matter what computer or windows version.
WL7 burned CDs & CD-extra everytime 'til now. Nothing new, no changes done to software or computer. It finalizes the CD leaving me with a pile of CD with no ‘extra’ on them.

Au secours!

I would try another drive. Hardware does not last for ever. I mean, if nothing has changed on the software side, what else can it be? You can even buy an external drive for very few $.

J’ai essayé sur mon PC portable. La même chose arrive. Aussitôt que j’appuie sur l’icon rouge pour brûler, l’ordi gêle.
Je viens de downloader la version MAC. J’essaie WL7 sur ce dernier.
Je veux bien essayer un autre brûleur mais mes 3 ordis auraient des brûleurs non-fonctionnel?? Les chances sont minces!
Y’a t-il des ‘known problems’ avec brûler à partir de Audio Montage?

Merci tout de même pour la réplique…

Ca ne marche pas sur le MAC.
J’ai donc 4 brûleurs qui ne veulent pas faire un CD extra. C’est pratiquement impossible que mes 4 ordinateurs sont problèmatique.
Je fais régulièrement cette opération. Pourquoi là ca ne marche pas sur aucune machine???

Est-ce possible que les CD-R empêchent Wavelab de laisser le CD ouvert à ajouter des choses?

I need a summary (and we only speak here about WaveLab 7): you want to burn a CD from a Montage. You activate the option “CD-Extra compatible”. You insert a blank CD. Then what happens exactly? And if you don’t check this option, then what happens?


I have my montage ready to burn.
CD-extra compatible is selected
The CD is burned
I then select DATA CD/DVD
Drag the PDF file I wish to add into the window
Select the burn option. Then I’m told that the CD isn’t compatible.
The burned CD (with CD-extra compatible) is finalized when it shouldn’t be.
This happens on 3 computers. The only link between them is the type of CD-R I’m using.
My guess is the CD-R I’m trying to use won’t let it happen. This is the only thing (other than the actual software) that is common to the 3 computers. 3 different plateforms (XP, Win 7 & Snow Leopard)
Is this possible?

I just went out and bought different brands of CD-Rs
Unfortunately, this didn’t pan out either.
Basically, WL7 just won’t do the enhanced CDs. It’s still finalizing the audio CD even when CD extra compatibility is selected.
I tried on my laptop, my desktop & my Mac. Odd as this worked great before.

Nero… here I come!

Finally got WL6 to burn the enhanced CD
WL7 burns my audio CDs but not the enhanced CDs

When you burn the Data-CD session, you must check “Create CD-Extra session” in the dialog.

I have just tried to burn a CD-R Audio/Data with WaveLab 7.1 under Windows, and no problem at all.


I’ve been doing just that since yesterday.
Can I ask you to detail the exact way you achieved this pls?
The sequence…

When I try burning the data first, I get an error dialogue.


  • Make montage.
  • Call the burning dialog, and select the option labelled “CD-Extra compatible (new session possible)”
  • Burn
  • Open the Data CD Dialog
  • Drop the data file you want to burn
  • Open the burning dialog from that window, and select “Create CD-Extra session”
  • Burn

That’s it.

Merci Philippe

This is exactly what I’ve been doing.
It worked in the past, but for some unknown reason, it’s not working anymore.

Neither the Mac or my PC will leave the CD open for more info. They’re always finalized.

Is there a way to do an enhanced DDP?

thanks again

WaveLab does not support Enhanced mode DDPs.

I’m surprised you can’t succeed to burn Enhanced CDs. I never had a bad report about it and I know some people are using it. Espescially strange, is that you say it used to work on your system before.

It’s odd, that’s for sure!
But I find it odder that a fresh install on the Mac does the exact same thing.
I did manage to get WL6 to not freeze after calling the burn. It performed great, did the enhanced CD without a hitch.
I took several hours to get it to work, repeating the same moves everytime. Needless to say, we have over 30 releases with Universal Music mastered with Wavelab, with enhanced CDs.
Why it’s not working now might remain a mystery. Something on the CD??

Très bizarre…

Bref, le stress est passé, le CD est prêt à partir.

Merci encore