Wavelab 7 can't import DPP file

Wavelab can’t import DPP file? This is getting a bit too much.

I burned a DPP file to an external firewire drive. The burn ended successfully. Trying to import this file as a montage now and it gives an error! “A valid dpp image could not be found”. The image.dat is clearly there and I can open it in the wave window. What is the problem?

The Wavelab version is 7.00 build 506.

Okay, I upgraded to Wavelab 7.1 build 543. This allows me to import the DPP file from the external drive. sheesh…

Not a game stopper but I noticed a error. Once the dpp file was imported as montage, in the file window, it gives the wrong size. In my case, it says 176 mb while in fact, the real size is over 700mb as it is a 71 min cd.