Wavelab 7 CD Text issue

I’ve just migrated from PC to Mac Mini OSX Server and I’m running WL 7.2.1 on OSX Lion with an Apple USB Superdrive connected. The problem I’m finding is that CD Text is not being written to disc no matter what I try. When I burn to DDP everything is good. When I transfer my project to my PC and burn in WL7.2.1 on Windows XP to a Plextor drive everything is as it should be. It appears that the problem lies with the Superdrive itself, although the specs do say that it supports the writing of text. Has anyone else come across this problem? Any suggestions to a drive that definitely works?

How are you checking that the CD-Text has been written? Most players do not read it, but look the disk up on an online database, thus failing to find any disks you burn yourself.

I understand that WaveLab itself can read the CD-Text when you rip a CD.


We have a variety of CD players that we use to check the masters, including CD Text, before pressing. These include an Arcam CD72 and Pioneer CDJ-1000. Theses machine will read the text if written using a PC, but not when written by a Mac. This would suggest that no text is actually being written by the USB Superdrive. Whether its a problem with the drive not being able to write the text or the software not supporting the drive fully is what I’m trying to work out.


In WL 7 CD-Text dialog check and tick “Enable CD-Text Writing”

Possible to check with your Plextor in external CD/DVD case USB/Firewire ?
I did a short test with WL 7.2.600 and DDP to see if CD-Text is included yes it is,
even check if it’s possible to update firmware for your CD/DVD Superdrive!

to follow up here:
I did a test with my MBP (early 2008) and built-in CD/DVD burner Matshita DVD-R- UJ-867
with a CD-RW and did burn 1 CD track and no problem to read back/grab with WL 7
CD-Text is included !

CD Name: CD-Text for the disk itself
CD Artist:
CD Composer:
CD Genre:

Track 1: CD-Text for track 1 Artist: n/a Composer: n/a Genre: n/a

imported in iTunes with a script just to check CD-Text is included

regards S-EH

Thanks for the research. I can rule out human error on this one. I’ve been burning CD’s with text using Wavelab since v4 and never had any sort of issue like this with the PCs. This looks as though it is pointing to the writer not being supported/capable, even though Apple say it will. To be honest, I’ve not tried burning a disc with any other software to see if they will burn text, but then that would be defeating the object. I use Wavelab for a reason :slight_smile:
Just for reference, the USB superdrive is displayed within Wavelab as the following:

Model: HL-DT-ST
Manufacturer: DVDRW GX30N
Firmware: RP09

From what I can tell, this is the latest firmware.
Unfortunately, my PC’s Plextor PX-L890SA is an internal drive and I have no caddy or other way of testing it externally with my mac. Are there any Plextor external drives that are known to work perfectly with WL & Mac? Maybe I should just bite the bullet and order the new PX612u?

Do you use WaveLab in 32 bit or 64 bit on the Mac? I had once a report about CD-Text not being written in 64 bit, while it is written successfully in 32 bit . I haven’t yet investigated this issue.

Hi PG,

I’m running 64-bit on OSX, whilst my old PC setup is 32-bit.


Then, retry using 32 bit on OSX…

Sorry…was a bit slow on the uptake of that one! :slight_smile:

Running 32-bits now and burning CD Text successfully. Thanks

Okay I’m responding to an old thread but I am using a mac mini 32 bit with a superdrive and Wavelab CD text is definitely NOT working for me. Can someone steer me straight on this matter