My WaveLab 7 just doesn’t work. Everytime that I try to render an audio, the master section stops to work, the meter doesn’t work anymore and every plugin that I insert in it, just doesn’t work.

The VST’s also are crashing, mainly the VST3 ones, EVEN THE ORIGINAL STEINBERG ONES are terrible.

PLEASE HELP ME because I can’t work with the WaveLab 7 crashing like that. I’ve bought a product that just doesn’t work.

I’ve tried to reinstall it and this doesn’t solved the problem.

I use a Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.3 with the WaveLab 64-Bit (even with the 32-Bit I get those errors).

I have no idea why you get such a bad experience, this is not usual. Try to see if you can find a reproducable pattern. Start from simple case, until you see something wrong.