Wavelab 7 & RND Portico plug-ins -> crash => Update to 7.1.1

It seems that this combination (see the subject) causes crashes. Any information about this issue?
Perhaps ‘external gear plug-in’ is also involved, I don’t know, because even it alone can crash my Wavelab session.
Also, quite irritating to hunt Portico plug-ins trial version’s Buy / Quit buttons behind floating windows (Bit meter, Spectrometer, etc.).
I even thought buying RND Portico plug-ins, perhaps, but if they crash Wavelab…
However, seems like Cubase doesn’t suffer from these problems.

What OS? What exactly do you do to cause this problem?

Sorry, Windows 7 64-bit.
I just load Portico plug-ins in Master section, play audio file, adjust plug-ins and after few minutes Wavelab 7 (with first update; 7.01?) crashes.

with first update; 7.01?

Current WaveLab is 7.1.1, not 7.01. Make sure to use the latest version.

Sure, if it solves my problem… even it’s not officially supported by Steinberg!
Thank you!